Josh Harris group enters into purchase agreement to buy Commanders

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The proposed sale of the Commanders to a group fronted by Josh Harris took a major step forward on Friday.

According to a joint announcement, Harris’ group has entered into a purchase agreement with Daniel and Tanya Snyder to buy the team. The purchase price is $6.05 billion, which is a new record for an NFL franchise.

“On behalf of our entire ownership group — including Mitch Rales, my longtime sports business partner David Blitzer and Earvin Magic Johnson — I want to express how excited we are to be considered by the NFL to be the next owners of the Washington Commanders and how committed we are to delivering a championship-caliber franchise for this city and its fanbase,” Harris said in a statement Friday. “Growing up in Chevy Chase, I experienced first-hand the excitement around the team, including its three Super Bowl victories and long-term winning culture. We look forward to the formal approval of our ownership by the NFL in the months ahead and to having the honor to serve as responsible and accountable stewards of the Commanders franchise moving forward.”

Two-thirds of NFL owners must approve the deal for it to be finalized. There are league meetings later this month that will likely include conversations about when such a vote will be taken and the NFL said in a statement that league staff and the finance committee will review details of the agreement,

27 responses to “Josh Harris group enters into purchase agreement to buy Commanders


    First item on the agenda is to change that god awful name.

  2. I thought that the air smelled sweeter today, here near Ashburn. Now I know why.

  3. Don’t care about the name. Don’t care about the uni’s (I think they look great). Just be a competent ownership, keep the sexual harassments to a minimum (zero) and let the football peeps do their thang. Not too much to ask.

  4. Interesting the deal gets signed soon after the story of the threat of releasing the report comes out.

  5. People, please stop bitchin about the name. Just leave it alone. Take Command!!

  6. Gut the place from the top down. Then change the silly name. Then build a new stadium on RFK site.

  7. The name Washington Football Team was much better than Commanders.

  8. They aren’t changing the name. Many team names are trademarked and the choices of available names are very limited. Look at what the NHL’s Seattle Kraken and Vegas Golden Knights went through to get team names. Washington Commanders stands!! They do need a new stadium. That much is certain!!

  9. Seriously, a great franchise historically and Packers fans are pulling for you to get released from Snyder. Should have posted that to my earlier comment.

  10. it’s just too bad a snake like snyder gets to walk away scott free with huge profits, rewarding scoundrels is a truly unfortunate by product of capitalism

  11. Ditto on the positive comment on WFT – infinitely better than Commanders, or any other name that has been proposed. HTTR/HTTWFT!!

  12. Please have the NEW Name And LOGO ready as soon as the sale agreement ink is set. Thanks

  13. Get over the name. I remember when everyone hated the Wizards name. Now its accepted. Of course, no social media then for people to complian.

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