Report: Fox has “blessed” Tom Brady’s potential status as Raiders minority owner

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The first question that arises when considering the possibility of Tom Brady becoming a limited partner with the Raiders is whether it’s a precursor to Brady coming out of retirement. (Again.)

The next question is whether, if he won’t be playing (and he most likely won’t be), is whether his status as part owner of an NFL franchise would impact his ability to work for FOX as a broadcast of NFL games.

According to ESPN, Fox has “blessed” the Brady arrangement. ESPN also reports that NFL policies regarding team ownership and media employment “comes into play only if the owner holds a position of authority at the media company and could impact broadcast rights negotiations.”

Still, it would be a clear conflict of interest. Not that Fox handles many Raiders games, but Brady eventually will broadcast games involving teams with which the Raiders compete.

Regardless of whether Fox is willing to let Brady do whatever he wants to do when it comes to working for Fox while also partially owning a team, why would any other AFC team (especially an AFC West team) invite Brady to practice or give him access to players and coaches given that he’s an owner of the raiders?

Broadcasters have access to plenty of inside information. Brady would have a direct and obvious incentive to use anything he could to help the team he partially owns.

It should be a simple decision. Ownership or broadcasting. One or the other. He doesn’t need to do both. Pick one, and go with it.

Of course, these commonsensical rules that would apply to everyone else don’t apply universally. For Brady, he’ll ultimately be allowed to do whatever he wants to do. Whether it’s right or wrong doesn’t matter. It’s just the way it is.

8 responses to “Report: Fox has “blessed” Tom Brady’s potential status as Raiders minority owner

  1. I wouldn’t force Tom to make a choice between broadcasting or ownership,
    I simply wouldn’t let Brady onto my property and especially into my facilities.
    I also wouldn’t let any team employees at all speak to Brady.

  2. Whatever Tom wants to do is fine with me. It’s a free country after all.

  3. So what would be the conflict of interest, he cheers for the Raiders?

    I’d be far more concerned about our congress making fat profits on insider trading prior to bills they pass than Brady being excited about mediocre Raider plays.

  4. Conflict of interest??? First of all I’ll believe Tommy takes that Fox job when I see him there. Conflict of interest? The league tried its best to bring in Jeff as an owner while he’s gobbling up broadcast rights. (Within five years he will own all game broadcast rights) Here’s a league completely embracing gambling. Even when a player here and there gets busted betting via they IPhones, meh, bfd. You think they give a rip that Tommy and his maybe 3% ownership stake matters???? The NFL friggin loves Las Vegas. If they could they’d simply have Las Vegas as the permanent location for Super Bowls. The Raiders in Oakland were dead last in attendance and at the very bottom of the Forbes list. Zero corporate money coming in. Now they’ve skyrocketed up the Forbes list. They have a season ticket and luxury suite waiting list longer than The Strip. Right now they’re building more luxury suites due to demand. And yes, Mr Davis fell Ass backwards into that after striking out in Carson so I’m not giving him all the credit. It was luck. Las Vegas and the Raiders are trending up. (Bring on the comments haters) Way up. MLB trying like crazy to get there and make no mistake, King James will own an NBA team there sooner then later. Tommy? A conflict? The NFL considers it a blessing.

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