Will NFL play games when Christmas lands on Tuesday or Wednesday?

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The NFL finally has discovered the benefit of seizing the captive audience on Christmas, with three games played last year on December 25 and three to be played this year.

In 2022, Christmas landed on a Sunday. This year, it falls on a Monday.

What happens in 2024, when Christmas slides to Wednesday?

During a Friday conference call regarding the 2023 schedule, NFL V.P. of broadcast planning Mike North said he does not anticipate games being played when Christmas falls on a Tuesday or a Wednesday. North prefaced his comments, however, by pointing out that it’s ultimately a decision for the Commissioner.

It will be an issue in 2024 (Wednesday), 2029 (Tuesday), 2030 (Wednesday), 2035 (Tuesday), and 2040 (Tuesday). In every other year, Christmas lands on a day on which it will be easy to play three games.

The league has shown that it knows how to figure out how to play games on Tuesday and Wednesday, given the challenges of the pandemic. If the Commissioner decides that he wants Christmas football to be played even when it happens on Tuesday or Wednesday, it will.

7 responses to “Will NFL play games when Christmas lands on Tuesday or Wednesday?

  1. Roger is going to do what Roger wants to do. If the NFL sees significant revenue and viewership on this year’s Christmas games expect more next year no matter which day it falls on.

  2. Teams can have a bye the week before the Tuesday, or after. Say they had a bye week before, they’d be rested and ready, then they’d next play on Sunday/Monday that week. The current span from a team playing Thursday night after a Sunday game is 3 days (Mon, Tue, Wed off)). Tuesday to Sunday is 4 days (Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat off).

    Wednesday is a bit harder

  3. As a longtime fan, I hope NOT. Leave football on Sunday and Monday. Get rid of Thursday or at least go back to when the Thursday games only came after a team’s bye week. Leave Christmas for the NBA when it lands on any day other than Sunday.

  4. They shouldn’t, but they will. The pandemic gave them an excuse to get creative with scheduling games on different days. The Monday Night double-games give them even more flexibility to schedule a team on a Tuesday and give them both until Monday to play again. There’s money to be made, and they’re not going to leave it on the table just because it would force logistical adaptations.

  5. Not sure but this year’s thanksgiving games are terrible… who on earth decides in these snooze fests? Not one even close to interesting game. Are we being punished?

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