37 years later, Todd Bowles receives college degree

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With rookie minicamps landing on weekends that also entail graduation activities, some rookies miss the sessions to get their degrees.

In Tampa, the head coach is the one who will be trading the sounds of the practice field for Pomp and Circumstance.

As explained by Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times, Bowles will walk with the graduating class at Mount St. Mary’s University, where he will receive a degree in youth and community development — 37 years after leaving college.

“Completing my degree was something I had always wanted to do over the years, because it was something I had promised my mother when I went to play in the NFL, and I wanted to follow through on that promise,” Bowles said in September, per Stroud.

“Over the years, as I became a father, it became something I wanted to do in order to set a proper example for my sons as they continue on their educational paths. I have also worked pretty extensively with children through my various community projects, and I felt it was important to show them they can achieve whatever they set their mind to.”

Bowles resumed his studies in 2020, through the Mount St. Mary’s Accelerated and Adult Undergraduate Program.

Many people, such as Bowles, have achieved significant success in life without a college degree. For some, it’s an itch that can only be properly scratched with a gown, a mortarboard, and a tassel that slides from one side to the other.

15 responses to “37 years later, Todd Bowles receives college degree

  1. Congrats to him. Coming on the same day of reporting that Jalen Hurts received his graduate degree is uplifting for us, the black community. Hope it motivated other players and coaching staff.

  2. That was a wonderful goal, and is a wonderful accomplishment. Much respect, Coach Bowles.

  3. Good for him. But youth and community development? That’s how shallow the pool is for a degree these days? Kind of sounds like a SEC university degree for 5 star recruits.

  4. getem says:
    May 13, 2023 at 9:22 am
    Good for him. But youth and community development? That’s how shallow the pool is for a degree these days? Kind of sounds like a SEC university degree for 5 star recruits.

    I’m not a big SEC fan, but wasn’t it Ohio State that used to have players graduating with degrees in ballroom dancing?

  5. If you fail to recognize that there is collegiate-level research and coursework involved in successful youth and community development, that says a lot more about how educated you are than it does about the quality of Bowles’ degree. There’s a whole world outside your front door, buddy; step outside and learn about it sometime.

  6. Awesome. It’s especially impressive because of the ridiculous hours coaches work. I hope this is part of a trend.

  7. A great good news story shows your never too old to learn. What use is it to him? Who cares, it sends a positive message out to kids & adults alike.

  8. Education is a life-long pursuit. Good for him and the example he sets for any NFL player around him, why may be touched and possibly changed by his positive message.

  9. finfan63 says:
    May 13, 2023 at 9:51 am
    Great goal but 37 years later? What he be using it for

    So In addition to setting an example for his kids like he literally said – I’d think he did it for Pride, self worth, and knowing he accomplished and finished a task no matter how long it took

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