Bijan Robinson: Arthur Smith will use me everywhere, receiver and running back

NFL: APR 27 2023 Draft
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The Falcons drafted running back Bijan Robinson No. 8 overall, higher than running backs usually go in today’s NFL. But Robinson says coach Arthur Smith sees him as more than a running back.

Robinson said Smith knows the best way to employ his skills, and that will include not just running back but also lining up at receiver.

“He uses me everywhere, from receiver to running back,” Robinson said, via ESPN. “He lets me do my abilities and skill set the right way, whether it’s catching the ball, running routes, obviously running the football, blocking and doing it all.”

The Falcons already had a 1,000-yard rookie running back last year in Tyler Allgeier, and it would be understandable if Allgeier isn’t happy with Robinson’s arrival. But Robinson said he and Allgeier have spoken and they think they’re going to work well together.

“It was all love from the start,” Robinson said. “I was just like, ‘Yo, bro, like, I’m just happy to be here. Happy to get to work with you and kind of pick your brain on certain things and be a guy that will just compete, and we’ll both have fun in that offense.'”

13 responses to “Bijan Robinson: Arthur Smith will use me everywhere, receiver and running back

  1. This pick and the Gibbs pick are still breathtaking, especially since they had a rookie who got 1000 yards last year. I’m not sure I take Adrian Peterson high in a draft in 2023. That position just is not the place to spend your high picks.

  2. Seeing as how at LEAST half of the 1st round picks are at best mediocre the “never draft a RB in 1st round is just lazy thinking. If he is special you get him for 5 years and possibly another on franchise tag at a cheap price. That is not a bad deal. As long as he is special. QB’s are essential but wasting a top 5 -10 pick on them just because they play QB. How’s that working out for most teams? EVERY year 2-5 QB’s are taken in 1st round, many top 5 picks, that aren’t even decent let alone difference makers.

  3. Bijan may turn out to be a very good player, but there have been many first round RBs who turned out to be so-so.
    Its not that Bijan won’t be good, I think he will be good, but there were much better uses for that pick.
    The Falcons are going no where with the current GM.

  4. Yep, he’ll probably be a really good, dynamic RB for years to come. And the Falcons will miss the playoffs repeatedly because they didn’t address the O-line or QB.

  5. If Desmond Ridder becomes a 18th – 22nd ranked QB this year, that’s still a notable improvement over Mariota. With the weapons he has, and an improved defense, that could mean 10 wins in a bad division with an easy overall schedule.

  6. I think Bijan landed in a good situation. Arthur Smith is probably the perfect head coach for him. We’ll see how the Falcons team responds overall.

  7. Many fail to recognize that Tyler Allgeier & Caleb Huntley were performing equally well until Huntley faced injury. So the question remains: Is there a team with a better running back quartet/depth than Robinson, Allgeier, Patterson & Huntley?

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