Lions RB Jahmyr Gibbs will miss Saturday’s rookie minicamp practice with “slight ankle” injury


Whenever there’s football practice, there are injuries.

Lions rookie running back Jahmyr Gibbs, the 12th overall pick in the draft, has a “tweak” that will keep him from practicing on Saturday at Detroit’s rookie minicamp.

That’s the word from assistant G.M. Ray Agnew, via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press.

Per Birkett, the “tweak” is a “slight ankle” injury. Gibbs participated in Friday’s practice.

It’s unclear whether the injury happened then, or whether Friday’s practice aggravated an existing condition.

15 responses to “Lions RB Jahmyr Gibbs will miss Saturday’s rookie minicamp practice with “slight ankle” injury

  1. Interesting because they replaced D Swift with Gibbs because Swift was injury prone.

  2. Same Old Lions, they’re all injured already! Here comes another horrible season! There you go, guy with the four different usernames. I saved you some time. Good luck to your Bears not having the worst record in the league again

  3. This is obviously a minor fluke and doesn’t indicate anything about his future, but the irony is hard to miss. This is one reason why (most) teams don’t draft a RB in the top 15 anymore.

  4. I really like the way the Lions have been building the last couple seasons so i get the hype and why their fans are defending whatever they do right now but unless Hendon Hooker becomes a franchise QB they blew this draft. Gibbs and Campbell are solid players but going in with the 6th & 18th picks and coming away with a 2 down RB and a off ball LB is not good.
    I think they wanted Witherspoon at 6 and Gibbs at 18 and panicked a little when Witherspoon went 5th. I know they traded back to 12 but they should`ve held firm with Gibbs at 18 and took one of the other CB`s or Van Ness at 12. Gibbs is a terrific receiver but he can`t block my grandpa so it`s going to be hard for him to be a 3rd down back against NFL blitz packages. Even if Campbell is good it`s bad value because off ball LB like Anthoney Simmons and Patrick Queen are solid players but couldn`t get their 5th year option because LB pay is based off the sack guys so your getting Campbell for 4 years instead of Christian Gonzalez for 5 ,

  5. Major bust coming like Williams.

    Frail. Stilts. Homes is horrible as a GM.

  6. I don’t know why everyone defended the Gibbs and Campbell picks. Running back and linebacker with 2 premium picks in the 1st round? Malpractice. Terrible team building. Let’s say both pop, you’re really going to throw big time money on a second contract for these positions?

  7. Ruh roh. Deandre Swift was pretty good though. I gotta admit I was kinda mad when the Eagles got him!

  8. Remember when people were calling Sewell a bust in preseason? Or when Hutch was called a bust after 4 games? Yeah, those same broken clocks are going to be in every Gibbs and Campbell post until 2024. Best to point, laugh and move on than acknowledge the dumbest take armchair GMs have to offer.

  9. My issue is less that they selected an RB in the first half of rd 1 but they selected Gibbs, why not stay at 6 and select the guy that was projected to be a top talent for years in Bijan?

  10. Mohamed Ibrahim to the rescue!

    Personally, I thought they should’ve kept Swiftie for 2023, let him sign as a free agent elsewhere in 2024, and perhaps get a compensatory pick in 2025. Likely no worse than the picks they got back from the Eagles. Just sayin’, they guy can play when healthy.

  11. A lot of the people complaining were the same complainers when we drafted Barry or Calvin almost positive they were lol. Support your team and stop whining about the draft. All roads run through Detroit!

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