Dennis Allen: Foster Moreau “absolutely” could participate in OTAs

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For tight end Foster Moreau, the offseason began with a Hodgkin’s lymphoma diagnosis. It might soon continue with participation in Phase III of the offseason program.

Via Katherine Terrell of, Saints coach Dennis Allen said Moreau “absolutely” could participate in OTAs.

Allen added that the decision will be driven by Moreau’s doctors, but that everything about Moreau’s condition and prognosis has been really optimistic.

Moreau, a fourth-pick of the Raiders in 2019, became aware of his condition thanks to the physical given to him by the Saints. He signed a three-year deal with the Saints earlier several days ago.

6 responses to “Dennis Allen: Foster Moreau “absolutely” could participate in OTAs

  1. His is a wonderful story of overcoming a serious disease discovered in shocking fashion by a hometown team and subsequent signing with same. I am curious to see where he lands on the depth chart as Juwan Johnson appears to be a rising star already demonstrating solid play and skills. Although some still consider him a gadget player,Taysom Hill is a formidable target near the end zone. Saints have now moved from unacceptably thin at tight end to perhaps needing just one more solid player to be well stocked and even able to run multiple tight end sets.

  2. Headed into my second year fighting the same. I’ll wager he’s in a muuuch better position being a professional athlete. His health at diagnosis was optimal so any fighting his body has to do is already well equipped. It’s possible he may need so localized radiation or get luck and go straight to immunotherapy. While MUUUCH better than chemo overall there still a ton of potential side effects due to the new nature of the science. But avoiding chemo will be all the better off fer him. Gonna root fer dude no matter where he gets his game on

  3. This kid is a fantastic individual and a great athlete, good luck to him and his hometown team.
    GO MOREAU !!!

  4. Shortly after my nfl career ended I was also diagnosed with HL. easily one of the scariest things to ever happen in my life. Wish him the best and hope to see him catching passes soon from Derrik.

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