Should NFL shut down on Mother’s Day weekend?

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In 2004, receiver Plaxico Burress boycotted a mandatory minicamp that was set for Mother’s Day weekend. Since then, few have said very much about football business being done on or around the second Sunday in May — with the exception of the 2014 Draft, which ended on Saturday and kept football folks busy while wrapping up undrafted free-agent classes on Mother’s Day.

This year, former NFL G.M. (and current employee of NFL Network) Scott Pioli had an observation to make, one that might not be all that popular at 345 Park Avenue.

“Question for NFL,” Pioli tweeted. “I know I was once a BIG part of the problem but in spirit of ‘football is family’ any way we can discuss no football activity/mini-camp on #MothersDay? We all understand Christmas & Thanksgiving in-season work but maybe a small concession to get better?”

“Football is family.” Regardless of what happens on Mother’s Day, it’s just a cheap slogan that surely sparked an expensive invoice from the marketing firm that conjured it. Football is business. And it’s very good for business to repeatedly say, “Football is family.”

On Mother’s Day weekend, football business takes precedence — even if it’s only rookie minicamps. Maybe, in lieu of complaining that Pioli stepped out of line and spoke his mind, the powers-that-be will see the merit in the point, and act accordingly in 2024.

41 responses to “Should NFL shut down on Mother’s Day weekend?

  1. Plenty of other people work on Mother’s Day, restaurant workers serving meals, first responders, and even retail workers. When signing a multi-million dollar contract with an NFL franchise it is understood working on weekends is mandatory.

  2. It’s up to the people – in this case, the players and the coaches. The establishment never changes just because it would be the right thing to do. It grits its teeth and smiles and puts a happy face on change when it’s forced to do so. Coaches can make the change or players can force them to do it. They have one of the few powerful unions left in the country, after all.

  3. If a team wants to stop business on this day that is their decision. We don’t need rules dictating it for everyone. Stop being thinking your rules are best for everyone.

  4. This weekend is sacred in my family. We have many mothers in our family that deserve proper recognition. These ladies kept us husbands, kids, grandkids in line growing up. Showed us the way, and need attention for it. No NFL for me this weekend. Just mom.

  5. Interesting proposal. Let’s love on the mom’s.

  6. Well, do we shut down for Fathers Day? It’s possible that there are fathers on nfl teams, but there are no players who are mothers.

    I think this is silly.

  7. Why? Mothers like football too. What’s next, Father’s Day, your birthday, International Talk Like a Pirate Day? Arrrr!

  8. That’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard of.
    Whose mother is more important than football?
    In fact, just bring mom to the facility to watch the meetings and the walk-throughs.
    She will enjoy that more than some flowers and a trip to Olive Garden.

  9. Shut. It. Down. My mom passed 3 years ago and you don’t get the time back folks.

  10. FWIW, Scott Pioli’s tenure in Kansas City was a disaster, but it seems to shed light on Bill Belichick’s MO in New England, which is “all Belichick all the time”. Other than Mike Vrabel, can you name a single staffer who left NE and has been successful elsewhere? In KC, Pioli was dictatorial and high handed; he might have set NFL records for the number of lawsuits generated by a GM against his employer. NE was a two man show that succeeded because Tom Brady abided Belichick–everybody else seems to have merely been along for the ride. At some point the luster of Pioli’s NE affiliation will fade completely away and he will deservedly languish in obscurity.

  11. We’re not talking normal jobs here. Applying everyday tropes to them is foolish. Should the police all stand down on a holiday? Should they shut down the subways and the airlines?

  12. The NFL is all about money not family or anything else that doesn’t create income.

  13. Christmas and thanksgiving are no problem but working Mother’s Day is where the line is drawn and the boycotting starts?

  14. Mother’s Day is an artificial holiday created to sell merchandise.
    Maybe the players should have off for Arbor Day as well.

  15. Makes sense to let guys celebrate their moms and wives on this day. But curious to know what the policy is on father’s day in June. Do they get that off? Does anyone care?

  16. It is a contradiction to “work” on Mother’s day in the NFL when the brand preaches family values. Especially, when a 1 week push back is so easy to do

  17. Or you can just celebrate mom the week before or after. Like everyone else who has to work on a holiday.

  18. I don’t know if Goodell is the right guy to make these calls anymore.

  19. The best Mother’s Day gift is their kids getting jobs making millions and being set for life (and in some cases setting them up for the rest of their life). A Mom that would complain about that good fortune has some misplaced priorities.

  20. Nope. Come on man. What is it with holiday inflation? Mother’s Day is a minor hallmark holiday. The world does not stop for minor moments like this.

  21. Just curious…does Major League Baseball shut down for Mother’s Day? What about the NBA and NHL playoffs? I noticed the PGA and LIV played golf yesterday. The USFL played games and NASCAR had a race. Are you suggesting every sport should avoid Mother’s Day? Meanwhile, these future NFL players have the potential to make so much money that they’ll be able to buy mom a car and/or house and even more. That sure beats a Hallmark card. This is a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist.

  22. Mothers Day is not a major holiday, why would players expect to have it off? What about fathers day?

  23. Yes, they should but why stop there?
    Also, shut down on Christmas Eve and Day, Thanksgiving Day, Labor Day, Father’s Day, etc. . . . . . . . . .

  24. Good lord. They already “work” half as much as they used to. Some jobs require working a holiday, it’s not the end of the world.

  25. If it was in season that’d be more difficult but in the circumstances moving mini camp forward or back by a week or even a few days surely isn’t going to hurt -unless it’s just some sickos idea of ‘proving’ how dedicated to the team the rookies are by drilling home the mantra that football comes first.

  26. Mother’s day is a retail created holiday (and also the most guilt inducing of all the holidays) I don’t think we really need to shut down an entire weekend for it.

  27. Football Is Family is a cheap slogan and Mother’s Day is a manufactured “holiday”. Much ado about nothing all the way around, IMO.

  28. NASCAR used to take Mother’s Day weekend off, and that was a good idea. Celebrate your wife, mom, daughters & sisters who are moms and leave the office out of it.

  29. NO! It is not a time and half day for regular working people who pay NFL’s bills.

  30. ann89103 says:
    May 15, 2023 at 12:38 am

    Why? Mothers like football too. What’s next, Father’s Day, your birthday, International Talk Like a Pirate Day? Arrrr!
    You can still talk like a pirate at practice. 😉

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