What’s next for Carson Wentz?

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Last year, it felt like Carson Wentz‘s last chance as a starting quarterback in the NFL.

This year, Wentz continues to wait for an opportunity to even make a team.

Earlier today, Jeremy Fowler of ESPN.com reported that Wentz has “received interest” and “might wait longer into the offseason to see what develops.”

Per the report, the second overall pick in the 2016 draft is “open to starter or backup roles.”

While we’ve yet to encounter a single player who isn’t open to a starting role, there’s no starting role open for Wentz — barring a rash of injuries or a polio outbreak in the quarterback room.

The mere fact that the “S” word crept into a slow Sunday quid pro quota report suggests that Wentz isn’t ready to accept his football fate. Which makes him a less-than-ideal fit to be someone else’s understudy.

Panthers coach Frank Reich, who coached Wentz in Philly and Indy, could have signed any veteran. Reich opted for Andy Dalton.

Wentz’s best play could be to stay ready and wait for injuries to happen. At some point, his phone might ring.

Others who could get a call instead include Matt Ryan, Teddy Bridgewater, Mason Rudolph, Joe Flacco, Nick Foles, Chase Daniel, and Josh Johnson, to name a few names of players not named Wentz.

86 responses to “What’s next for Carson Wentz?

  1. Wentz has made A LOT of money, as an average (at best) QB in the NFL!

  2. He’s earned almost $130,000,000. So I suspect what’s next is whatever he feels like doing.

  3. Those 7 names mentioned are pretty rough at this point, Wentz isn’t much better. Slim pickings at backup QB

  4. You pay these guys 50M a year for the chance to win it all. Everyone know the QB driven league. In the low minor leagues they tell you to your face that the majority of you are here so the handful of future major leaguers have someone to play with. A few surprises come out of it but it the usual suspects get through.

  5. Not really a good leader, however, even as an Eagles fan the Colts and Commanders situations were absolutely messy. Irsay has no idea what he’s doing which is why every year is a QB carasoul since Luck smartly retired before they destroyed his body, and Riverboat Ron is honestly not that good of a coach. Cam Newton in his prime kept him employed longer than he should’ve been. And then Alex Smith before that injury.

  6. Wentz is a guy with great physical talent who just never seemed able to pull things together. I wish him luck, but he’ll never be a starter again in the NFL. He’s just not that good.

  7. There seems to be three kinds of backups in the NFL now:
    1. The player/coach that can handle a start or series (Chad Henne, Chase Daniels)
    2. The backup being developed (Jordan Love, Will Levis)
    3. The backup+ that has/wants a chance to take the starter job (Wentz, Cam Newton, etc.)

    I’m not sure how many teams want that third option this year that don’t already have them on their roster. It seems like the NFL has a surplus of good-not-great QBs.

  8. I didn’t finish that and it makes no sense.
    There are not enough QBs. That list is a bunch of no’s.
    I have to go so never mind…

  9. The Cowboys should sign him to backup Dak. He could then eventually replace Dak as the starter. He is slightly better than Dak Prescott.

  10. Wentz reminds me of Cam to a lesser degree, as i feel like both would make terrible teammates as a backup in the QB room. They arent students of the game and got by on their physical talents without ever developing into a serviceable QB. And their attitudes stink!

  11. Hard to be a backup QB, let alone a starter when he seems to alienate his teammates everywhere he goes.

  12. Good luck man that’s a pretty good list of guys that can step in play a few games if the starter gets hurt has to miss a few games that are better than Wentz.

  13. Great physical ability will give a QB more chances to succeed but eventually people will realize the potential high ceiling those abilities provide will never be reached because of the inability to consistently make good decisions. I was one of those who had reservations about the Commander’s signing Wentz but with the general mess of the Snyder situation who knows what the thinking was or who actually made the decision.

  14. Matt Ryan, Josh Johnson, and Chase Daniel are not NFL caliber quarterbacks. Ryan has been awful for a long time now, he’s done. Wentz will make some good $$$ if he can accept what he is, a solid backup.

  15. Wentz is like Rodgers – thinks that he’s the smartes guy in the room and glib (‘yeah, I did my own research on the vaccine’). Where they differ was Rodgers could win games. Both of them will be deep-end conspiracy theorists in fifteen years.

  16. redlikethepig says:
    May 14, 2023 at 1:28 pm
    He’s earned almost $130,000,000. So I suspect what’s next is whatever he feels like doing.

    Not if the thing he feels like doing in being an NFL starting QB.

  17. Watching his backup Nick Foles take the Philadelphia Eagles to and win the SB (and subsequent SB MVP) completely broke Carson Wentz. Hasn’t been the same since…

  18. Retire. He got out of the NFL healthy and has lots of cash, enjoy life.

  19. 130mil in the bank…. Screw football. I’d be investing money in various projects and traveling the world. He could become the redneck Andrew tate.

  20. Coaches and teammates have no problem dealing with an oversized ego as long as the guy backs it up and performs at a consistently high level.

    But when a mediocre middle-of-the-road player has an attitude and rubs people the wrong way without backing it up on the field….teams quickly lose interest. And having been jettisoned twice in the past two years, that appears to be very much the case with Wentz.

    Nobody likes working with a guy who’s difficult and unpleasant to be around and who doesn’t get it done on the field . And when enough people get tired of dealing with the guy….his phone simply stops ringing.

  21. Andy Dalton and Baker Mayfield have contracts, but not Wentz, and that may tell us something. The knocks against Wentz, justified or not: (1)Holds the ball too long, and takes too many hits and sacks; (2)Calls too many audibles and switches to a poor choice of play; (3)Selfish/Not a team player; (4)Not a winner–about .500 as a starter and zero playoff wins.

  22. For the first time the NFL has a surplus of good qb options. Wentz is a good qb with good physical traits. I’ve read some not so positive things about him but I don’t always put a lot of stock in it because of narratives pushed by agents and those trying to get their guy a job. The surplus of good but not great qbs means that the article is correct that he’ll probably get an opportunity if there’s an injury to a starter. He’s way better than others on that list.

  23. Someone ask Jeff George what Wentz is going to do. He certainly knows the feeling.

  24. Out of that list I might take Bridgewater before Wentz (depending on role/fit/attitude), but that’s about it. And I’m not a fan of Wentz, he’s just closer to still being serviceable than those other guys.

  25. This is an interesting list. There’s the career backups and then a bunch of guys that won or led their teams to a Super Bowl and then just fell apart afterwards. Just a crazy juxtaposition of people.

  26. Sean Connery is open to a lead role in the next James Bond film but will settle for cameo.

  27. Wentz never was an NFL caliber quarterback. Just like RGMe, he had a good rookie season, got injured, gave up his starting position, and blamed it on everybody but himself.

  28. redlikethepig says: He’s earned almost $130,000,000.

    Oh he was paid the 130 Mil, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say he “earned” it.

  29. Hes done even as a backup hard to believe how far he has fallen. 2017 doesnt really seem that long ago. Maybe a team signs him but middle of the season. I think hes done.

  30. I feel bad for the guy, despite his giant bank account. He achieved his dream to play in the NFL, but it’s been a slow road to oblivion. As to the list of FAs, how can Foles still be unsigned? All the guy does is win.

  31. He might have been offered starting jobs in a league that is not the NFL.

  32. claudesq says:
    May 14, 2023 at 1:56 pm
    The Cowboys should sign him to backup Dak. He could then eventually replace Dak as the starter. He is slightly better than Dak Prescott.


    He has been on 3 different teams and is now unemployed. If the league truly felt he was better than Dak, he would have a job. Dak is working, Carson is not. The league has spoken.

  33. Gee, I didn’t realize there were so many unsigned QBs On the market. Chances are, they’ll be available for a long time. Fodder.

  34. Ah – the seething contempt from top to bottom. This very talented 30 year-old is now a reclamation project psychologically. I hope that there’s a team that understands that, and is willing to undertake it. It’s actually a low risk from a team perspective, with a huge reward if they can get the young man’s head right.

  35. This dude made 128 million in his career. He needs to just go away and enjoy his life. It’s over

  36. He’s made a fortune ,a nd not been worth the money.
    Every dollar he undeservedly got the last few years is a dollar that deserving players did not get due to the cap.
    Thats why long guarantees are bad for the OTHER players.
    The bad player still gets paid (i.e. Russel Wilson, Carson Wentz, Haynesworth) and the mid level players get the vets minimum or cut

  37. “It’s actually a low risk from a team perspective, with a huge reward if they can get the young man’s head right.”
    He never could stay healthy. He relied on athleticism that is now vaporizing. He’s choked in critical situations. He’s rumored to be a bad teammate. I understand why teams would avoid Wentz. He’s neither a vet to tutor, nor a prospect to develop.

  38. Have no idea why there’s a problem – Ron Riverboat Rivera said he watched ALL of Wentz’s tape and had NO questions…

  39. The Wentz trade had Snyder’s messy tracks all over it. Who else pays too much for a player with a name but no ability? Having said that Wentz’s teammates had nothing but good things to say about him when he was in Washington. He has the physical tools, but cannot make the decisions that come with playing QB in the NFL. Wish him the best in whatever he chooses to do (And wish I had a similar problem.)

  40. Geno Smith just got paid after being with the Jets Giants and a few other teams. He was never any good. Don’t write people off. Geno Smith never led the MVP vote Carson did before he got hurt.

  41. Geno Smith was absolutely horrible before Seattle. I believe he’s still horrible but he just got paid. What makes anyone believe this guy can’t be good in a good team.

  42. Anyone personnel evaluator that looks at Wentz’ film in Washington and still signs him incompetent. Wentz shouldn’t be a 3rd Stringer at this point. He awful. Wentz is inaccurate, holds the ball to long, shell shocked, and no longer the athlete he was prior to his knee injury. 2017 Wentz isn’t coming back. He is what is at this point

  43. How funny would it be if Nick Foles got a job over Carson Wentz? He can’t get a job now because he’s an egomaniac & awful teammate; who wants that as a backup? He was actively rooting against the eagles winning the Super Bowl when he got hurt in 2017-18 & trying to get other injured players, like Darren Sproles, to rally around that..which is why they got in a fight. He’s worthless to an organization if he’s not on the field & he’s not valuable there any more either

  44. Massive bust. In another few years, 90% of the NFL won’t even remember this entitled whiner.

  45. His health didn’t ruin him..Nick Foles and the statue of Foles and Dougie P did..he’s still a VERY good backup with big game experience. His stats prove that. When giving the support he can win games. He is in his own head and his ego is killing him.

  46. I’m not sure if there’s a market for Prince Harry Look-alikes, but it’s worth looking into.

  47. Wentz is the modern day Jeff George. Another guy who possessed all the physical attributes you would want in quarterback, but possessed no leadership qualities. Much like Wentz, George was unwilling to accept back-up roles until later in his career. Jeff George played 12 seasons in the NFL. If Wentz wants to play that long, he’d better accept the fact that he’s not a starter.

  48. Nick Foles winning the Superbowl broke him & the eagles made a huge mistake by getting rid of the wrong guy – & all because they knew Wence’s ego couldn’t handle looking over his shoulder all time at Foles. Wence has been broken ever since.

  49. Appreciate that this might be an unpopular idea: Rams & Sean McVay sign Carson Wenzt as backup to Matt Stafford.

    Highly inconsistent play – more gunslinger than sniper and, not surprisingly, often injured; but after 93 games over 7 years, Carson has a 60%+ completion percentage with an almost 3:1 ratio of TD-to-INT.  And with early career success, playing at a MVP-level and almost making it to the Superbowl back in 2017, demonstrates his ceiling potential.

    Believe that McVay can provide a stable and focused environment to get the most out of Carson (like he did Baker Mayfield last year).

    And lastly, Carson’s style of play (as well as physical attributes: height, mobility, arm strength) are relatively similar to Matt Stafford. Given Stafford’s injury history and current state of resilience: a low-cost, highly complimentary back-up w/ massive upside (if properly coached) would be an ideal option for the cash-strapped, cap-hell Rams.

    Plus it would be fun to read / watch NFL media stories re: novelty of how (and what) McVay is (was) able to get out of the 1st and 2nd draft picks in the 2016 NFL draft.

  50. Clowney hit Wentz so hard, it changed the trajectory of his career. He just hasn’t realized it yet.

  51. Everyone has sanctified Howie Roseman as a GM genius. The real genius in this deal was his ability to trade Wentz when he was clearly done. However, don’t forget the Eagles gave and paid one hell of a lot for the rights to draft Wentz, that was NOT genius, put Jalen Reagor over Justin Jefferson and Howie becomes quite flawed. He is right when he says the NFL draft is a poker game.

  52. Wentz certainly has enough money to retire in good health, if he chooses to. Football-wise, he hasn’t been the same since he tore the ACL with the Eagles. He could be a back-up somewhere. I don’t see any team wanting him as their starter, but in the NFL, you never know.

  53. Miami, Niners can’t have enough QB’s with Shanahan’s offense or the Rams Stafford over/under of games played before being hurt is probably around 4. None of these teams can be comfortable with what they have. Outside chance the Bucs once they see what they have in camp. Out of the blue the Vikings, maybe to push Cousins.

  54. As one poster said, his losing his starting spot to Foles killed his confidence. Then being with Indy a d Washington were hard. His attitude didn’t help things.

    He’ll be a clipboard holder. Has Henne retired? Andy Reid is probably the only coach who could help salvage his career.

  55. Call me crazy but I think Wentz could play a veteran role with the Patriots. All they have is Zappe and Mac two very young guys. Also sitting behind Kyler wouldn’t be too bad

  56. As a Washington fan who watched all his games last year, I have to say objectively, he didn’t play well enough to be a backup. Maybe he was injured or something I don’t know. But fans here completely lost faith in him taking the field.

  57. ryanpacepicantesauce says:
    May 14, 2023 at 4:22 pm
    Someone ask Jeff George what Wentz is going to do. He certainly knows the feeling

    Ironically, another horrible Snyder signing. Got rid of Brad Johnson who went on to win a SB with Tampa Bay. Now you see why everyone in Washington is rejoicing right now…

  58. Such a sad path this has taken for Wentz, he seemingly had everything going right, except injuries. Little do we forget, Wentz had Philly setup for bye in the playoffs when they won the Super Bowl…and got them to the playoffs in his own right in 2019 (2018 had help from Foles).
    For a 3 year stretch in 2017-2019, he went 832 of 1482, 10409 yards, 81 TD’s, 21 Ints, Rating of 90.4.
    The clock is always ticking for mobile quarterbacks to transition to the pocket passing game… if for any reason but longevity- few do it. McNabb did it for a few seasons, Vick for a couple of years, Hurts has seemingly done it. Only long-time greats Young, Staubach, Elway and Tarkenton made the transition long enough to make a great career of it.
    List of those who regressed to a runner too often is long, Cunningham, RG3, Wilson, McNair, Kapernick, Culpepper, Tyrod Taylor, Cam Newton, Bobby Douglass, Cordell Stewert maybe Tebo- but was he ever a passer?

  59. youbettercallsaul says:
    May 15, 2023 at 11:57 am
    As one poster said, his losing his starting spot to Foles killed his confidence. Then being with Indy a d Washington were hard. His attitude didn’t help things.

    He’ll be a clipboard holder. Has Henne retired? Andy Reid is probably the only coach who could help salvage his career.
    +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ You brought up a great point here! maybe little red’s agent should call big red. total agreement, probably only Andy Reid can tell him from an offensive perspective what to improve on, and what from a player, charachter role model point of view, what to do and not to do. This is because Andy has the history, winning track record, offensive mindset and age/wisdom combination that Wentz can’t simply blow off… unless of course, he’s also stupid-which can’t be fixed.

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