Dennis Allen: We anticipate Michael Thomas will be good to go for training camp

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Saints receiver Michael Thomas has faced a slew of injuries that have limited him to just 10 games over the past three seasons.

But after Thomas re-worked his contract to stick with New Orleans on a one-year deal, the club is anticipating he’ll at least be healthy for the summer.

Head coach Dennis Allen said last week that while Thomas may be limited during the offseason program, he should be able to participate fully in training camp.

“Right now, he’s still going through some of the rehab process,” Allen said during an interview on the Rich Eisen Show last week. “He had some hardware removed out of that foot that he had surgery on this past season. He’s doing really well. He’s working extremely hard. Our anticipation is that he’ll be limited throughout this offseason. But our anticipation is that when we get to training camp, he’ll be good to go.”

Thomas, 30, played just three games last year but was certainly productive. He caught 15 passes for 171 yards with three touchdowns.

But then he was ultimately shut down for the rest of the season.

That’s part of why the Saints will be cautious in bringing him along during the summer.

“Now, when we get to training camp, we’re going to make sure that we’re smart with him in terms of getting him back in and getting him back into football shape,” Allen said. “But, look, he came off really kind of two seasons of not really playing a lot. And really had a really nice start to the season last year — it was unfortunate that he got injured when he did because going back, just the opener against Atlanta and our ability to throw contested-ball throws to him in tough situations down there in the red zone, third down, things of that nature — not having him was a big loss to us last year.

“So, our expectation is we’re going to have him back and we’re going to have him healthy. And we’re looking forward to getting the Mike Thomas that you saw three years ago.”

Thomas’ last healthy season was in 2019, when he was the AP offensive player of the year after catching 149 passes for 1,725 yards with nine touchdowns.

10 responses to “Dennis Allen: We anticipate Michael Thomas will be good to go for training camp

  1. He’s already 30 and essentially hasn’t played in three years. It’s over. Dennis Allen is a buffoon though, so when he comes in third place in a division with a rookie, a second year QB, and a Todd Bowles coached offense, I’m going to wonder what the excuses are going to be this time.

  2. Different head coach and different qb, and likely to be outperformed by Olave. He ghosted last time he was at odds with Peyton and Brees. Doubt he will last more than three games before another season ending thing. Sure do miss the young and hungry Mike Thomas though.

  3. shame, but the dude is looking almost done for good, one last chance to stay healthy and contribute in a year that they can def win this division.

  4. We anticipate that Michael Thomas will play three games before re-injuring himself and sitting out the rest of the season.

  5. Over the past 3 seasons….Michael Thomas has dethroned Big Foot as the all-time hide ‘n seek champion.

  6. He’ll be good….in street clothes. The Saints should call the cops because this guy has been stealing their money for years.

  7. Been rehabbing for 2 1/2 years. Was an awesome player with great character then he got paid, the diva emerged, followed by injuries that mysteriously never healed. weird sad story for someone who appeared they we’re going to be in the greatest wr conversation but instead just one of the greatest seasons then poof…who was that again??

  8. Can now officially join the Sam Bradford & DeSean Jackson club. Irv Smith trying to avoid becoming a member and will officially add Kentucky blue grass to his diet – thus the move.

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