J.C. Jackson looking forward to “revenge game” against Patriots

NFL: OCT 23 Seahawks at Chargers
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Chargers cornerback J.C. Jackson has one game circled on this year’s schedule.

The Chargers will be in Foxborough to face the Patriots in Week 13 and that will provide Jackson with his first chance to face his former team since leaving as a free agent in 2022. During a recent appearance on NFL Network, Jackson sounded like he still has some hard feelings about his departure from New England.

“It’s a revenge game for me,” Jackson said. “I’m excited to go back and pick Mac Jones off and show them why they should’ve never let me go.”

Jackson will have to return to full health before that can happen. He tore his patella tendon after a shaky start to last season and the Chargers are hopeful that he’ll be ready to go in training camp this summer.

18 responses to “J.C. Jackson looking forward to “revenge game” against Patriots

  1. Jackson was very good for NE. 17 int from 20-21 and 37 PD. Belichick can develop corners (although he cant draft one well in the 2nd). They didnt want to pay him, he was good but also big risk/reward. Plenty of times he got ripped to pieces by Diggs and other WR. So far it seems like the correct decision. Staley is not using him that well and he missed 11 games in the first year.

  2. JCJ is missed in NE but Gonzalez with the Joneses should be a really good CB room in 2023z

  3. Gotta stay off the bench and live up to why the Chargers brought him in in the first place. I get it…the ‘disrespect’ but he has yet to prove NE wrong for letting him walk

  4. This makes no sense. BB made him his mlllions as an udfa. This makes it look like they made the right move in letting LA overpay for an immature kid.

  5. What’s he mad about? Revenge for what?
    The Pat’s took a flyer on you, developed you, got you paid and made you a wealthy person.

    And, you can’t stay healthy. San Diego will give you this year before they cut you. And, you’ll have to make it to the Pats game before you can play in it.. They did nothing to you. You should be grateful you’re even in the NFL. Trust me the Patriots have turned the page on you two years ago. I don’t think they’re worried about you enacting any revenge on them…

  6. Coming off a potentially career altering injury and being terrible before that injury should make this guy keep his head down. The Patriots got you paid. Just look at it that way.

  7. Every NFL player looks for motivation. Revenge is at the top of the list, even if it’s a stretch, like in this case.

  8. Belichick can develop corners


    Belichick developed him and he doesn’t appreciate? JC must be a really bad guy in your mind, isn’t he?

  9. Not the sharpest knife in the drawer…so he wants revenge for Bill developing him & getting him multi generational money….what an idiot

  10. Dude, worry about breaking the starting lineup, last i knew you were benched for getting burnt. Mr. Dime-a-dozen.

  11. Lol…by week 13 Macaroni Jones will be holding a clipboard on the sidelines!

  12. Revenge for what? For making more “respect” with the Chargers?
    Should have just said, “Thank you for the opportunity”

  13. BB new how to scheme to overcome what are now very obvious weaknesses. Be surprised if he is anything more than at best dime CB after a few weeks, with the Chargers try to figure out the best way to off-load him.

  14. has not ended well for the relatively few previous ex-pats who allowed their alligator mouth to overload their hummingbird behinds.

  15. That might be his problem – circling a week 13 game against a non-playoff team. He shouldn’t be focused on 1 game. He was benched last year before getting injured. Patriots would not have been any better with him LY and it would have handcuffed them financially.

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