Mickey Loomis: Michael Thomas can “absolutely” have another 100-catch season

New Orleans Saints v Carolina Panthers
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The Saints worked out a new contract in order to keep wide receiver Michael Thomas on the roster this offseason and they remain hopeful that Thomas can recapture his old form this season.

Thomas has been limited to 10 games over the last three seasons because of injuries, but General Manager Mickey Loomis said on Monday that the team believes he can still make a major impact. Thomas had three 100-catch seasons in his healthier days and Loomis said he thinks Thomas can get back to that level this year.

“Absolutely he can be,” Loomis said, via John Hendrix of SI.com. “Just got to get him healthy. He’s worked so hard at that over the last two, three years and, look, the results haven’t been good as we all hoped, but it’s not because of a lack of effort or desire by him, that’s for sure.”

Head coach Dennis Allen said recently that the team thinks Thomas will be ready to go for training camp and it will take a sustained run of good health for most people to sign onto Loomis’ belief that the good old days will be back in New Orleans.

22 responses to “Mickey Loomis: Michael Thomas can “absolutely” have another 100-catch season

  1. As Vince Gill once said, “Give me just a one more last chance; Before you say we’re through.”

  2. It can happen but I don’t believe it ever has happened in the history of the NFL, in terms of a player missing 80% of games over 3 seasons and then returning to top form. So what are the odds of something that never has happened before happening now? When you say that it feels like 5% or less. So saying even 10-20% feels generous even if it seems possible.

  3. He will be fine. I doubt with the new talented WRs on the team he could get 100 if healthy. Olave is the real deal and will eat into CGM’s numbers. When he was all world the saints had no real wr help to go with him. It is not the case now.

  4. seeing is believing…he has more of a chance to flop considering all the serious injures he has..he is fine away from the football field but on the field for 17 games and 2 turnaround thursday games…. my bet he will miss over 5 games this season…wonder what the odds are in vegas for the number games he plays…

  5. Surely this has to be a prove it or done year for him. Hopefully his new restructured contract will allow the saints to slam the door without being on the hook for a huge sum if he flops.

  6. It’s going to become more and more apparent to Saint fans that Sean Payton was Bill Belichick there for them as time goes on. He made all of the decisions, and these people just implemented what he told them to do.

  7. I applaud Thomas for working as hard as Mickey Loomis describes but it will be just slightly short of a medical miracle if Thomas can reclaim the form he had when he was 26 years old. He’s now 30 years old and coming off a lingering ankle injury/surgery and possibly other foot issues as well.
    Thomas was certainly elite but there’s a reason so many receivers are breaking down before the age of 30.

  8. That’s GM speak for “Someone please take this horrible contract off our hands”.

  9. He’s been out too long and has too much rust on him, he’ll be lucky to have 60 catches!

  10. He needs Drew Bree’s back to throw him those 5 yard passes. Overrated receiver.

  11. jhorton83 says:
    May 15, 2023 at 7:42 pm
    That’s GM speak for “Someone please take this horrible contract off our hands”.

    If you hadn’t noticed, that “horrible contract” had some major work done to it a couple of months ago.

  12. Health is only 1/3 of the equation, and with 2/3 of the equation (Brees/Payton) no longer there……good luck.

  13. Yeah, sure Mick. Eric Dickerson could have another 2,000 yard season.

  14. realfootballfan says:
    May 15, 2023 at 6:03 pm
    It’s going to become more and more apparent to Saint fans that Sean Payton was Bill Belichick there for them as time goes on


    Yes. Just like with BB, Payton’s success was primarily due to a top tier QB who covered up drafting and coaching deficiencies

  15. nhpats2011,

    Yes, because all of those great coaches without a QB are all over the place. Fascinating stuff. These QBs coach themselves and the defense and the special teams too. Belichick didn’t go 11-5 with Vinny Testaverde and Matt Cassell. Never happened. Sean Payton didn’t win every game that Drew Brees missed because of injury while his team was competing for championships. It was all those QBs carrying them.

  16. It would be nice for saints fans and a feel good story.. but it ain’t happening

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