Ndamukong Suh in no hurry to sign: I have no desire to be in training camp

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Free agent defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh wants to continue his career, but he isn’t in a hurry to sign.

“I have no desire to be in a training camp,” Suh said Monday on NFL Total Access. “I will come in and watch and look and give some advice, but when Week 1 happens, I’ll be ready.”

Suh, 36, has played for five teams in 13 seasons. He did not sign with the Eagles until Nov. 17 and played in his third Super Bowl in five seasons.

Suh played eight regular-season games last season, seeing action on 176 defensive snaps.

He has not made the Pro Bowl since 2016, but Suh can help a contender. He could wait until after the season starts, like last year, to find a team with a chance to win it all with a need at the position.

29 responses to “Ndamukong Suh in no hurry to sign: I have no desire to be in training camp

  1. He’s not hungry anymore. The only thing that lights him up is money and a chance for a ring.
    Now, if the advice he’s offering is free, that’s worth a visit at least.

  2. “This is why teams have data to assist with determining the likely expiration dates of players. It’s kind of hit-or-miss, but real. Now, because of the evolving sense of privilege and entitlement some players nonchalantly exhibit, teams have to pay attention to the mental discipline expiration dates of these same players, as well. You may notice Rodgers is no longer in Green Bay.”

  3. His desire to put it all out there to win will most likely spill over into his performance. Not sure this attitude will help him get the best contract possible.

  4. He is still a great rotational player and can help a team. He has that nasty attitude and mean as a snake. Kind of player you love to hate when he’s against you you but love when he’s on your side. Actually a nice man. After a game last year gave my son an autograph talked with him for several mins and took a pic with him. Would love him back in Philly!

  5. Come back to Philly and have a “chance” for another ring! Show those young guys (Jordan Davis & Jalen Carter) how it’s done.

  6. And yet, some ( really stupid ) team will ignore the fact that this player ADMITS he has NO DESIRE to be a team member that works hard for a TEAM GOAL, and give him millions to admittedly be a slouch

  7. That attitude has “He’s a TEAM PLAYER” written all over it! There are tons of young men out there who’d love to be able to make the kind of money that he can make, playing a kid’s game.

  8. It appears that no team has any desire to have him in camp. What a coincidence!

  9. Don’t let you stomp on people’s heads in training camp. What fun is that?

  10. The dude is 36, and people are really criticizing him for not coming through to training camp and push his body any harder? Old vets skip TC all the time, don’t get all knotted up.

  11. He’s not wrong. He knows his job inside and out and he’ll do what he’s called on to do. He’s smart and can learn a playbook quickly. He’s got a couple of young kids at home, so all things considered I can see why he’d prefer to skip camp. The teams that think camp is all important for a guy in his position won’t go after him. It all works out.

  12. On one hand making such statements about “desire” are not going to help your asking prices, so in that sense its a dumb thing to say out loud. On the ther hand he is being very fair in what he is selling. He knows he is past his prime and that any additional shelf life expectation is being assumed and hes not hiding from that reality at all. He’s not trying to con any teams into a long term commitment. He is just going to do ‘small jobs’ until those stop working out too. And its a fair offer to a team if he is just selling immediate services without requiring commitment on their part. He will be good for any ‘immediate services’ teams purchase as long as he can still pass a physical.

  13. He’s perfect for Detroit, they already have a disaster locker room culture. Suh is a dirty Lions product, he would fit Holmes and Fetterman’s )Campbell( team well.

  14. He’s not going back to Detroit, he’s only on the Eagles coat tails to get another ring. Detroit isn’t even close to winning a Superbowl yet. They need a defense and a QB.

  15. Most teams are trying to encourage their players to come to OTAs, and this guy doesn’t even sign up for training camp. But as injuries occur late season, Neanderthals can often find an unoccupied cave.

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