Report: Mason Rudolph agrees to re-sign with Steelers

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Mason Rudolph was expected to move on after five seasons in Pittsburgh, but two months after free agency started, the backup quarterback is returning.

Andrew Fillipponi of 93.7 The Fan reports that Rudolph will re-sign with the Steelers after a visit to the team facility Tuesday.

The Steelers had Tanner Morgan at their rookie minicamp, along with tryout players Bryce Perkins and Hunter Johnson. The signing of Rudolph is a sign the Steelers weren’t comfortable with any of them as a potential third quarterback behind Kenny Pickett and Mitch Trubisky.

Rudolph voiced his displeasure at his role last season when he was inactive for most games as the third quarterback. For most of his career, Rudolph served as the primary backup to Ben Roethlisberger.

He has played 17 games, but none since 2021, and started 10. The Steelers are 5-4-1 in Rudolph’s starts, and he has 16 touchdowns and 11 interceptions in his career since the team made him a third-round pick in 2018.

40 responses to “Report: Mason Rudolph agrees to re-sign with Steelers

  1. Mason needs to embrace and accept being a back up QB. That’s what he is.

  2. There was no QB competition last season, whatsoever.
    I truly hope he can win QB2.

  3. Two things, obviously nobody else wants him. And, he’s every bit the quarterback Picket is.

  4. The spring leagues are Rudolph’s best chance to start but the XFL and USFL pay a lot less than the NFL. He probably didn’t get much attention as a free agent and that is why he is returning.

  5. He’s a good backup. Surprised he was signed already—as a backup that is.

  6. The Steelers must’ve found someone willing to trade a 7th round pick for Mitch Trubisky. Carolina? San Francisco? New England? Maybe Miami? Trubisky will be happy for the chance to compete for the starters job.

  7. Do I smell a Mitch Trubisky trade? Is that why the Steelers resigned Mason? I thought for sure the Golden Gopher from Minnesota was a pretty sure bet to make at least the practice squad.

  8. I am a little surprised…I thought some team would bring him in as a solid QB2, at least. He probably doesn’t really want to be in Pittsburgh, but a job is a job and the Steelers need a third stringer. That being said, Trubisky could be viewed as expendable.

  9. I don’t see Trubisky being traded. He’s a better option at QB2 due to his scrambling ability. Rudolph’s ability to read the field isn’t any better than his, and he lacks Trubisky’s mobility. The Steelers likely hope he doesn’t make the team, much less sees the field in regular season play.

  10. The world’s most hyped 3rd stringer. Getting beat up by Myles Garrett made the pft comment section the Mason Rudolph fan club.

  11. Brian Hoyer on the Patriots vibes. QB3. Pseudo coach. Good locker room guy. The Steelers are the only team who wants him.

  12. thinredline69 says:
    May 15, 2023 at 6:17 pm
    Mason needs to embrace and accept being a back up QB. That’s what he is.
    And yet he’s better than Kenny Pickett.

  13. Everybody wants to be QB1.

    QB2 is the most popular guy on the team and with fans in most cases.

    Hang around for 15-20 years barely seeing the field, make $5 mil or so a season, and retire with all neurological abilities intact.

    I would take that deal any day of the week.

  14. Tomlin lived through a season with Duck Hodges as a starter due to injury. He likes three capable quarterbacks. They always wanted Mason back. It’s Mason who finally accepted it was his best offer. They are not trading or cutting Trubisky.

  15. Well Mason………….with your nose so red……….nothing wrong with guiding Santa’s sleighs’ tonight..and all the future Christmas’s! We can’t all be nfl quarterbacks after all! 🙂

  16. 1) Trubiski won’t be a starting QB anytime soon. That ship has sailed.
    2) I think Rudolph is a better option at QB2 than Trubiski. Mitch has just never looked comfortable in the pocket while in the NFL.

  17. thinredline69
    Who said he hadn’t embraced it?
    He was upset being third strong and not even dressing.

  18. I really question the Steelers having him as Ben’s backup when he can’t even get a backup position anywhere else. Ben was old, and nobody should have expected a full season from him every year. Yet when Ben got hurt the Steelers couldn’t do anything on offense. The Steelers probably had one of the worst backups in the league.

  19. Smart move for both Rudolph and the Steelers. For Rudolph, he gets a salary that he cannot get outside of the NFL, and the Steelers get a QB who is intimately familiar with their system.

  20. Take the Blaine Gabbert route – Career backup, make lots of money, get to play in garbage time or a few games when the starter gets injured, maybe even collect some rings, retire healthy.

  21. Imagine this- you re-sign at yr current job, stop at Starbucks enroute to work, collect coffees for the crew, sit around, never actually doing any work, go home and sleep soundly, knowing you’re collecting 5 million bucks a year!

  22. Some are guessing (wrongly) that this means they’ll deal Mitch for a pick.
    Mitch is mobile and matches Pickett’s skill set
    More likely they would flip Mason to someone if and when a QB goes down somewhere in preseason/early season to be a new No. 2.
    Steelers would have one of those UDF as practice squad who would run scout offense.

  23. thinredline69 says:
    May 15, 2023 at 6:17 pm
    Mason needs to embrace and accept being a back up QB. That’s what he is


    It’s a great gig. Earn millions per year with minimal risk of physical injury. Heck, most games he won’t even need a post-game shower

  24. Saying Rudolph is better than Pickett is just plain being Bengal fan dumb.

  25. All the pieces are falling into place. Now that we have signed Mason Rudolph look for the next shoe to drop with the signing of James Washington. GO STEELERS!

  26. Mason, Mitch and Kenny all looked good in training camp last year, but I thought Mason pulled ahead of the other two when he threw that dime to George Pickens in the corner of the end zone against the Seahawks in the first preseason game. But Mitch was signed to be the starter, so as good as Mason looked, he never had a chance to win the starter role.

  27. The fact that Josh Dobbs got sniffs over Rudolph should tell you ALL you need to know.

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