Ron Rivera: Antonio Gibson has shown tremendous growth

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The Commanders drafted Brian Robinson in the third round in 2022 and installed him as their top running back once he recovered from being shot during the summer, so Antonio Gibson had to adjust to being the No. 2 back after a couple of years on top of the depth chart.

This year’s draft saw the team pick up Chris Rodriguez in the sixth round and head coach Ron Rivera said that new offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy “really liked” the rookie’s work at Kentucky. Rodriguez’s addition raises some questions about the team’s view of Gibson for 2023, but Rivera insists he’s still very much in the team’s plans.

“I’d like to see Antonio get a few more tries, obviously last year, but Antonio’s shown tremendous growth and we’re pretty excited about who he could be,” Rivera said, via Bryan Manning of “This is a guy that played wide receiver at one time coming out and one thing that he did have was every nine touches resulted in a touchdown, so we’re looking for some production from him as well and we’re looking to see that he does fit in into the scheme of things as far as what Eric Bieniemy wants to do with the offense.”

Rivera’s note about Gibson’s background as a receiver may be a hint of where things will go in the final year of Gibson’s rookie deal. He caught 46 passes last year and continuing to make plays in that area will likely be his best path to playing time this fall.

6 responses to “Ron Rivera: Antonio Gibson has shown tremendous growth

  1. pigpickle says:
    May 15, 2023 at 9:43 am
    “Antonio’s shown tremendous growth…” she said.
    This made me laugh, literally out loud.

  2. Gibson was taking a lot of heat for fumbling problems 2 years ago, and there were questions as to whether he would have a future on the team. Last year he had zero fumbles. The haters are always gonna hate, but the simple fact is that he DID improve.

  3. Such is the life of a RB in today’s NFL. Even more than other positions, RBs are expendable, easily replaceable commodities, with draft picks UFAs and veteran free agents flooding the market.

  4. He will play the role JD McKissic played in recent years and that’s for the best. He should never have been a lead running back.

  5. After 3 seasons of fumbling issues,
    He still has trouble holding the ball! This can be easily fixed so why hasn’t it? He had high promise but deserves to take a back seat until he can FOCUS on keeping the ball in his arms

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