Titans rookie RB Tyjae Spears on report he doesn’t have an ACL: I’m healthy

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After the Titans took running back Tyjae Spears in the third round of the draft, Ian Rapoport of NFL Media delivered a report about the state of his knee.

Spears has torn the ACL in one of his knees twice with the last one coming in 2020 and Rapoport reported that his Combine medical check showed full thickness cartilage loss, arthritis, and no ACL in that knee. As a result of the knee issues, Rapoport indicated that some teams believe he will be a “one-contract guy” in the NFL.

At rookie minicamp this weekend, Spears was asked about that report and did not give a specific answer about whether he has an intact ACL. He did say repeatedly that “I’m healthy” in response to questions about his knee.

“I was out there, I did everything, so I feel perfectly fine,” Spears said.

Spears ran for 1,581 yards and 19 touchdowns at Tulane last season, so he was able to produce despite any of the issues with his knee and the Titans made a bet that will continue at the professional level.

7 responses to “Titans rookie RB Tyjae Spears on report he doesn’t have an ACL: I’m healthy

  1. Non-medical bloogers speculating publically about someone’s health issues should be against HIPPA. Granted we all know the OP what pushedt he past two years.

  2. Hines Ward played his entire Hall of Fame career without an ACL. You can go without the ACL it’s just not recommended.

  3. Many NFL teams regard RB as a relatively disposable position: sign a guy for 3-4 years and get what they can out of him…then let him hit free agency and sign/draft a replacement.

    The Titans are betting Spears has at least 3-4 good years left…anything beyond that is gravy. We’ll see what happens.

  4. Spears suffered his first ACL tear at 14 which isn’t exactly normal. Spears did well at the senior bowl and the Titans fall in love with the kid. Reporters asked spears two questions about his knee at rookie mini camp and Spears shows how thin skinned he really is with a sudden attitude change. Thin skin must be the reason for all his injuries then I guess.

  5. It’s always a guaranteed laugh that someone will complain about “HIPPA” violations and will spell it wrong.
    Not only that, but they don’t even really know what it applies to.
    Keep the laughs coming!

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