Jets among teams interested in being permanent hosts of Black Friday games

NFL: NOV 28 Jets at Texans
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In a press conference last week, NFL vice president of broadcast planning Mike North said that the Bengals showed interest in being a permanent host of the league’s Black Friday games and they aren’t alone on that front.

The team hosting the first Black Friday game is also showing some interest in making it an annual event. The Jets will host the Dolphins on the day after Thanksgiving this year and North said on The Adam Schefter Podcast that there are indications that they’d like to do so again in 2024 and beyond.

“The Jets, once they found out they were the host team, then started to think about, ‘Hey, is this something we could make a permanent fixture as part of the NFL schedule?'” North said. “Maybe they didn’t raise their hands in February, but now that they have been selected as the Black Friday host, I think they might be interested in it, too.”

North said that the league is not looking “to commit to a permanent home” this year, but called the idea something to think about once the league sees what they learn from the inaugural foray into Black Friday football.

10 responses to “Jets among teams interested in being permanent hosts of Black Friday games

  1. Woody J and his Jersey Jets are so thirsty for attention all of a sudden, i cant wait til they fall short this season

  2. No one in the country wants to see that annoying franchise on their tv sets every Black Friday.

  3. Wonderful. It’s like giving a usually terrible Detroit team national exposure on thanksgiving for my entire life.

    No team should be a permanent host of ANY game slot –

  4. Steelers or Raiders should jump all over that considering their team colors and legacies.

  5. We can call it the annual Butt Fumble week of remembrance. Jets will always find ways to embarrass themselves on national television. The owner needs to go. Fans deserve so much better

  6. No additional teams should have permanent stand alone games. I’ve watched enough bad Lions games on thanksgiving. I don’t want to stuck with another team that happens to be good right now and have a high percentage chance they will suck again in the future.

    If the NFL does make another team permanent, it should be a team with a history of not sucking.

    Sorry jets and bengals, you don’t qualify. I wouldn’t even suggest my bills for the same reason. But at least my bills have new ownership. Bengals and jets still have the same ownership that had caused years of sucking.

  7. It says “ I think they might be interested in it, too.” not they are interested

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