Panthers OC Thomas Brown: Bryce Young’s size was never an issue for me

Carolina Panthers Rookie Minicamp
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Bryce Young’s size was a significant talking point in the lead-up to the 2023 draft.

But it clearly wasn’t much of an issue for the Panthers, who traded up to draft Young at No. 1 overall.

Offensive coordinator Thomas Brown in particular said, “I’ve never cared about it,” when asked about Young’s size in a Tuesday press conference.

It was never an issue, in my opinion, just for me,” Brown said. “He’s still playing football, so if we’re in a competition for the tallest, the biggest, the fastest — if it were an overall combine deal, then maybe so. … For me personally, I never cared about it because I evaluate tape, I evaluate the person. I think about the projection to this level and Bryce is himself.

“I’m not interested in comparisons about who came before or what’s coming in the future. I try to look at everybody individually of what they can do and what they can bring to the table.”

Young has only gone through a rookie minicamp, but Brown has liked what he’s seen from the young QB since he’s been in the building.

“I think everything you saw on tape from him at Alabama, I think just from the beginning of the process, from how he handles pressure, to his operation, to the QB mechanics, ball placement,” Brown said. “Having a chance to be with him in person, sit in meetings, hear him call back plays, talk through concepts.

“We’re just trying to do a really good job of trying to start those rookies off with base calls, introduction of our offense. Not overloading anybody — including him. But I thought he handled it well.”

3 responses to “Panthers OC Thomas Brown: Bryce Young’s size was never an issue for me

  1. He looked like a little boy playing with grown men. He lacks arm strength and elusiveness. Unlike Wilson who was as slippery as an eel, he has none of that.
    I see an injured happered career. Those that passed on him will be glad they did.

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