Sauce Gardner: OBJ wanted to play for the Jets

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Receiver Odell Beckham Jr. was due to visit the Jets the day after Easter. Enter the Ravens, who got a deal done before Beckham could make the visit.

But the Baltimore’s intervention with a surprisingly strong offer, Beckham likely would have been a Jet.

“Odell, he wanted to play here,” cornerback Sauce Gardner recently told Conor Orr of “It was to the point where he was picking his jersey. He was telling me, like, ‘Hey, ask so-and-so if I can get the jersey [number I want].’ He was going to wear number 7.”

The key number was 15. As in the $15 million guaranteed Beckham got from the Ravens on a one-year deal, along with $3 million in reachable incentives.

The Jets likely would have been more in the range of $5 million or less in guaranteed pay, with a significant upside. Whatever the real numbers were, the Ravens blew it out of the water.

“We’re looking at a lot of other things too,” Ravens G.M. Eric DeCosta told #PFTPM earlier this month regarding the decision to break the bank for Beckham. “We’re looking at potentially what he might get as a [compensatory] pick the following year, on a one-year deal, has a good year for us, hits the market next year, what’s that gonna look like? We were looking at things like the benefit to the community, the benefit in ticket sales, jersey sales. How’s he gonna play? What’s he gonna do for our offense? What do our coaches think about him? Remember, [offensive coordinator] Todd Monken had a relationship with him, so we had some information about OBJ.

“And then how’s it going to affect Lamar as a passer, you know? How’s he going to play? We want to maximize Lamar’s ability. I’ve probably done a poor job at doing that over the last couple of years in some ways by not having more receivers around him. And we love the guys we have, but you know, in terms of building the best possible offense, that’s a factor, too. So, you know, every situation has residual values associated, every player that you bring in is different and they affect things differently: leadership, ability, community, whatever that might be long term and we see OBJ as a big part of that whole thing.”

They gave him a big pile of money to get him to be part of the whole thing. We’ll see whether they get the return they’re hoping for.

19 responses to “Sauce Gardner: OBJ wanted to play for the Jets

  1. This guy is going to be a very serious problem for the Jets real soon.

  2. He wanted to play for the jets so bad that he’s not going to.

  3. Somehow,some way,OBJ will become a problem, like he usually does. Sauce and the Jets will be glad that he’s a Raven.

  4. Then why isn’t he Sauce? One word M-O-N-E-Y Money. Your famous QB said something with the same number of letters once just different word.

  5. The guy talks about the impact odb would have on ticket sells and jersey sells before mentioning how it would benefit his qb. All you need to know

  6. If the offers were close OBJ would have signed with the Jets. And why not? You’d rather hitch your wagon to Rodgers in the Big Apple than to Jackson in B-more. However, the Ravens took the risk and blew everyone else out of the water with their offer. I kind of hope it works out for the Ravens. It would be entertaining to see a more balanced offense from them and I think OBJ still has some game left in him. Because of his previous knee issues his odometer is relatively low.

  7. He can talk about the benefit to the community, compensatory picks, jersey sales, etc..etc.. but the real reason was to make Jackson happy. Overpaying a WR so that you can overpay a QB doesn’t really seem like a smart football move imo, but I could be wrong….time will tell.

  8. No, he wanted to be on the end of Rodgers’ passes. But instead he took the money to watch Lamar run. Straight cash homey.

  9. I guess the Ravens offer made it finally possible for OBJ to purchase imported wine instead of domestic.

  10. With that overpay, the NBA and MLB pay rate justification just hit the NFL.

  11. It is amazing to me how every WR drafted since Lamar took over has been a flop. And these were very highly-rated and touted receivers when drafted, and expected to be major and instant contributors. I guess all those WRs were terrible and it has nothing to do with the QB throwing the ball? When OBJ and Zay don’t produce, I guess they weren’t the right weapons either?

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