Brian Schottenheimer: I want us to play fast, make everyone cover the entire field

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The Cowboys opted to move in a new offensive direction this year when they parted ways with offensive coordinator Kellen Moore and turned the play calling duties over to head coach Mike McCarthy.

Brian Schottenheimer was bumped from an analyst role to the coordinator job to assist McCarthy in running the offense and he shed some light on where the team wants to take things in 2023. Schottenheimer said that they’re not overhauling things after scoring the fourth-most points in the league last year, but that they do want to find ways to put more pressure on defenses.

“We wanna play physical, fast and to make everyone cover the entire field . . . I want us to be able to play fast. . . . It’s been a grind [but] it’s been fun,” Schottenhemier said, via the team’s website. “As you guys know, the system’s not broken. It’s not broken. They’ve won a lot of games here. Mike’s been around for that.”

The Cowboys traded for wide receiver Brandin Cooks before drafting tight end Luke Schoonmaker and running back Deuce Vaughn in a bid to create the kind of attack that Schottenheimer and McCarthy hope to deploy this fall.

6 responses to “Brian Schottenheimer: I want us to play fast, make everyone cover the entire field

  1. Schotty is more known for, and what McCarthy also favors and will insist on doing, a methodical run, run, run, maybe simple pass, run, run and a lot of punts offense (and why Russ Wilson hated him so much (and a receiver), as there was almost no passing game plan) just like his dad. The issue is the Cowboy’s run game is nothing compared to what is was with those great lineman.

  2. These quotes are always hilarious. Fund me the coach who wants his team to play soft and play slow.

  3. Does any OC say “We want to play slow and soft and give the defense an easy time…..”

    No ****, Sherlock. You want to do what every team wants to do. Riveting stuff…..

  4. Throw more on first down. That will fix everything. When you’re in second and short, the defense automatically has to cover the entire field. You also avoid a lot of third and longs. Watch film on Joe Gibbs’ teams from the 80’s. There’s a reason why he won three super bowls with three different QB’s, and none were HOFers. Most great coaches throughout history won all their big games with HOF QB’s.

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