Gardner Minshew has been “really impressed” with Anthony Richardson

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Gardner Minshew followed Shane Steichen to Indianapolis this offseason, joining his former Eagles offensive coordinator who’s now the Colts head coach.

But No. 4 overall pick Anthony Richardson is the focus for the organization at quarterback. And Minshew has gotten a positive impression from the rookie.

“I’ve been really impressed, a lot of times the bigger guys with big arms aren’t as quick with some of the RPO stuff and underneath, [but] he’s very quick and his feet are really quick,” Minshew said on Wednesday, via Kevin Bowen of 107.5 The Fan. “And I think he gets the ball out fast and can process fast.”

Minshew and Richardson actually worked out at the same facility in Florida before the draft, which is where Minshew took notice of his now-teammate.

“Obviously, the first thing is just how impressive the ball jumps out of his hand,” Minshew said. “Physically, he’s got everything you want.

“Then getting around him and seeing how he works, how he takes criticism, wants to learn and get better, all those things are really, really encouraging.”

It remains to be seen whether Minshew or Richardson will be behind center when the Colts take on the Jaguars to open the season at home. But for now, Minshew thinks Richardson is doing the right things to prepare to play.

“He’s making the right checks, doing that kind of stuff. And that’s how you kind of gradually earn respect and, eventually, earn that kind of leadership spot,” Minshew said. “I think he’s coming out with a great attitude, very humble, willing to learn, willing to admit he’s wrong. Those are all very important things in the process of getting better.”

12 responses to “Gardner Minshew has been “really impressed” with Anthony Richardson

  1. I’d give Minshew the ball for the first few weeks and see what the team is all about. If they go like 4-0 with JT running over fools and the defense looks solid, you stick with Minshew. If you are 1-3, you switch to Richardson and see what he can do and assuming he struggles on a bad team you are in good position next year to add more pieces to help him.

  2. He’s gonna bust. His tape shows constant bootlegging and running constantly. Major red flags.

  3. I’ve always liked Minshew, and I hope he does well. On the other hand, it would be fun to see Richardson do well, also. He ought to be fun to watch as his skills continue to develop.

  4. Minshew seems like a cool dude. Now that MCAfee has gone corporate, I can see Minshew getting a cigar smoking bro of his and and being the next big thing for edgy podcasting, with the cussing. Not sure how hip Pat will continue to be without the swearing. Also, I’m sure Minshew looks better in a black tank top.

  5. Minshew has had his chance to nail down a permanent full time job ,but ultimately as proved he is a good backup . Once the Colts lose 4 games , which could be mighty quick, he’s going in.

  6. Why don’t we give the guy a chance before saying he’s a bust? What on his tape is telling you he’s going to bust? Noticed there are a lot of posters on pft simply parroting what someone else has said. Not just about Richardson but when Josh Allen was drafted he was supposed to be inaccurate and couldn’t read defenses and this false narrative was repeated over and over. Not saying Richardson will or won’t be good but it doesn’t seem like nfl GMs take advice from pft posters…

  7. ktsmn27 says:
    May 17, 2023 at 6:56 pm
    Why don’t we give the guy a chance before saying he’s a bust? What on his tape is telling you he’s going to bust?
    Because everybody here is an unemployed GM.
    They obviously know more than a professional that has been doing it all their lives.

  8. One of the major red flags that Major League Baseball looks for in deciding draft position is attitude. Blame gamers and finger pointers who refuse to accept responsibility for mistakes,on and off the field, can drop from the first round where the signing bonus is in the millions to middle rounds where the bonus will buy you a Toyota Camry.

  9. “I’ve always liked Minshew, and I hope he does well.“
    How? The Colts team is very bad. He made a very stupid decision picking the Colts if he still wants to be QB1. Plus he accepted a crappy contract on top of it.

    “Minshew has had his chance to nail down a permanent full time job”
    He did? Minshew played well on a woeful Jacksonville team. He’s got great stats, even despite playing injured for a portion there. However, Jacksonville decided to tank for Lawrence and benched Minshew. Once drafted, they wouldn’t let Minshew compete with Lawrence (unsurprisingly). Because of that, they traded him to Philly… where Philly wouldn’t let him compete with Hurts (relevant in year 1, not year 2). I can’t see how anyone believes Minshew had a legit chance to prove QB1 status—the Colts situation will be no different.

  10. Re a comment about Richardson “running constantly” being a negative – Boy, a guy as big as King Derrick Henry, and faster than the King: run the damn ball all day, and throw to wide open receivers off of that.

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