James Bradberry: New DC Sean Desai is going to have a good, flexible scheme


With Jonathan Gannon departing the Eagles to become the Cardinals head coach, Philadelphia hired Sean Desai to be its defensive coordinator for 2023.

Desai, who spent 2022 as Seattle’s associate head coach after he was Chicago’s DC in 2021, has made a positive impression on one of the team’s key defensive backs so far.

“He just seems like a smart guy,” cornerback James Bradberry said in a Wednesday press conference. “He was able to teach the guys the philosophy and what not. There’s a lot of verbiage and stuff that’s being changed around, so I’m going to have to learn that. But that comes along with being under a smart guy.

“He’s going to have a good scheme that’s flexible and allows his guys to think and also make plays when you have smart players.”

Bradberry added what players have learned in Desai’s scheme so far has been “pretty similar” to what things were under Gannon.

“Certain things change in certain coverages,” Bradberry said. “But, of course, when they install man [coverage] and stuff, man is man. As far as the zones and stuff, we might play some things a little differently.”

However Philadelphia ends up playing, the club would surely like to replicate last year’s results. The Eagles finished last season ranked No. 2 in yards allowed and No. 8 in points allowed. The club was also No. 1 in passing yards allowed.

4 responses to “James Bradberry: New DC Sean Desai is going to have a good, flexible scheme

  1. Somewhat surprised Pete let Desai out the door.

    Leads me to believe he’s not leaving the sideline anytime soon.

  2. Desai really never had a chance in Chicago. Did well as a position coach. Then one season as DC and he got drop kicked with Nagy.

    Crazy though. The guy starts with Marc Trestman in Chicago, arguably the worst NFL HC in history, and ends his time there with with Nagy. That’s brutal. Hoping the best for him.

  3. Watching Eagles fans lose their collective minds when this defense inevitably takes a sizable step back this next season will be great entertainment.

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