Joe Burrow: Orlando Brown has been everything you could hope for so far


The Bengals made a surprising splash in free agency when they signed left tackle Orlando Brown Jr.

After spending his first three seasons with Baltimore, Brown was traded to Kansas City where he continued to excel. But Brown played under the franchise tag in 2022 and the Chiefs ended up signing Jawaan Taylor early on in free agency — signaling that the franchise was ready to move on from Brown.

That’s when Cincinnati stepped up and brought Brown in with a four-year deal worth $84 million.

So far, Brown has made a solid impression on his new quarterback.

“Yeah, it was exciting,” Joe Burrow said of the Brown signing in his Tuesday press conference. “He’s been everything you could hope for so far. He’s a great locker room guy — big, strong, athletic. Things are going great. Love that guy. So, I’m excited to go out and play with him.”

Brown has started 75 games in his career since the Ravens selected him in the third round of the 2018 draft out of Oklahoma. He has been selected to four consecutive Pro Bowls but has not yet been named an All-Pro.

14 responses to “Joe Burrow: Orlando Brown has been everything you could hope for so far

  1. springfield says:
    May 17, 2023 at 10:21 am
    Wait until you have to handoff, and he has to run block….

    You realize the Bengals are one the most pass-heavy teams, right? They pass over 60% of the time

  2. springfield says:
    May 17, 2023 at 10:21 am

    Wait until you have to handoff, and he has to run block….
    Did you see the guy he`s replacing? Williams allowed the most sacks in the league and graded worse in run blocking than Brown too. And it was 4 years 64m NOT 84m so for 3m more per season it was a clear upgrade. Chief fans might want to wait until they see Donovan Smith in action before they bash Brown. They act now like they didn`t want him despite them trying to resign him for the last 2 years.

  3. He says all the right things. He and Mahomes were buds. So, why were the Chiefs willing to let him go? Maybe it is because he sucks in pass blocking!

  4. Chiefs were not willing to let him go. They made an attempt to sign him last year and this year and didn’t get a deal done. Stop acting like the chiefs washed their hands of brown like some how he’s damaged goods because he rebuffed you. These chiefs fans are so butt hurt like a ten age irl who got felt up at the drive in and is mad now cause he didn’t call you the next day. Polish up the Lamar Hunt trophy cause we’re taking it back in 23’.

  5. Aiming for Lamar hunt trophies instead of Lombardi’s says it all lol. He’s average, that’s all.

  6. PFF grades say he’s well above average. What the Chiefs offered him says he’s well above average. Pro Bowl voting says he’s well above average. I trust these things far more than salty Chiefs bandwagoners who just lost a key player to their biggest rival. Yall mad. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be on every single story about the Bengals or Orlando Brown spewing the same salty comments.

  7. Chiefs offered him double the year before. Who wouldnt wanna play w Joey B?

  8. Brown has a bad agent, nothing more nothing less. They both over-valued his worth. Chiefs made him an offer and they thought they could get more. When it didn’t happen, he took what he could get which was $6mil less than the Chiefs offered him. Everything else is just excuses.

  9. As a 40 year Chiefs fan, I don’t see the “bitter rivalry” narrative. Your mayor and others talked ghetto trash and got dealt with. Your notoriously cheap skate ownership overpaid to keep smokin’ joe somewhat upright next season. Burrow has one good knee left! When the china doll demands your team break the bank on an extension, your cheapskate owners won’t pay for legit talent around him. Yeah it sucks- but we all know how this will play out.

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