Jonathan Jones on Patriots drafting Christian Gonzalez: We need all the help we can get

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The arrival of a first-round pick at the same position can make some veterans uncomfortable, but that’s not the case in New England this offseason.

Cornerback Jonathan Jones handled the responsibility of matching up with players like Stefon Diggs and Justin Jefferson last season and he shared his thoughts about Gonzalez’s addition during a session with reporters on Tuesday. Jones said he welcomed the new blood.

“We needed it,” Jones said, via Andrew Callahan of the Boston Herald. “We need help. We need all the help that we can get. We’ve had a lot of transition at that position over the last few years.”

Jones has played inside and outside at cornerback during his time in New England and saw some snaps at safety last season. He said he’s “not really particularly worried about where I play” in 2023 and Gonzalez’s arrival might make it easier for the Patriots to get creative with Jones’ deployment.

13 responses to “Jonathan Jones on Patriots drafting Christian Gonzalez: We need all the help we can get

  1. Yeah… steffon Diggs, tyreek hill, jaylen waddle, Garrett Wilson… afc East better have some DBs.

  2. Lol the Patriots went from the Penthouse to the Outhouse…now a dumpster fire!

  3. Bekechick loves versitile players like Jones who can play multiple positions in different defensive looks.

  4. Good response from JJ. If Gonzo pans out it will allow the Patriots to deploy Jones, Jones, and Jones LLP in ways that maximize their skill sets. JJ seems to realize this.

    Belichick knows that after the 2024 season, there is a blank slate. There are a large number of contracts expiring, and Kraft can cut bait and change directions if he wants. At that point, judgments will be made on whose fault it is if they tank. O’Brien was brought in and if the offense improves, it won’t be his fault right? Belichick is known for defense, especially DB’s, and Special Teams, and has spent the off season bolstering all three with Gonzo, Keion White, Marte Palamalu, Ryland, Barringer, and a myriad of late draft picks and free agent signings for special teams. I’m sure he is aware of the negative affect it will have on his legacy in the wake of Brady’s absence if the teams failure is placed publicly on his shoulders, due to failures in areas he is the supposed specialist in (defense and special teams). I’m not sure if the defense improves that Mayo gets any credit, but if it declines, he may not be able to keep from getting some of the dirt on himself as well. He is kind of in a no win situation on that because Belichick will get the lions share of the credit or blame, but Mayo has the future prospect thing going for him. He could escape most blame if the defense tanks, though there is still a bit of a negative effect due to the “association” factor. I believe there is a “potential” three way “Silent Coaching Competition” going on between three people with future head coaching designs. Winning will bury that. Losing may bring it to the surface where later in the season each is scrambling to protect his own rep. This is possibly a very under the radar thing going on there that may or may not see the light of day, but has not been talked about as a possibility, as far as I have seen. Interesting times in New England.

  5. None too pleased that other teams let a player as good and NFL ready as Gonzalez fall to the Patriots.

    Their secondary is excellent, along w/ the rest of their D. With the rest of the top teams riding elite QB play and strong passing attacks, New England is taking the smartest approach: grind out wins with a good running game, capable QB play and a top defense.

    The Bills tried to do that during their drought & when Brady, Manning and Big Ben were ruling the AFC, but it didn’t work for them (largely because they didn’t have coaches like Belichick, and most of the QB’s they had didn’t have the potential Jones has).

  6. I laugh at terms like “outhouse” and “dumpster fire” to describe the Patriots. Since 2001 (22 years) they have missed the playoffs 4 times, once by a tiebreaker despite winning 11 games and another on week 18. Twice they were not competitive.

    I don’t need to compare and contrast. No other franchise comes close to that track record. Kraft literally has had 3 head coaches since buying the team in 1994 and going into his 29th season.

  7. The Patriot Way.


    A way of going nowhere without Brady.

  8. I can’t believe Gonzalez fell into their lap. Also amazed they had the nerve to trade back, pick up a 4th and still get him,while punking the Jets. Nice. They were also thinking about getting back into the 1rst round for the GTech DE.

    One of the many things I didn’t like about the rest of the drart is all the interior OLinemen. I think they’re gonna let Onwenu walk. That would be a shame. Terrific player. But, the Pats will have a ton of money to spend next year. Less Agholor/JSmiths. More Judons. We’ll see what happens

  9. One of the many things I didn’t like about the rest of the drart is all the interior OLinemen. I think they’re gonna let Onwenu walk. That would be a shame. Terrific player.
    Nothing wrong with more depth up front imo. I’d rather not see the injury riddled mess on the OL that we got last year. Hopefully you’re wrong about Onwenu I like him too.

  10. The mess on the OLine last year was mostly because of the tackles. Many couldn’t remember the snap count. The Pats didn’t address that in the draft. They just signed a few schleprocks on the cheap and decided to wing it.

  11. I absolutely love the fact that the Pats drafted a guy with Gonzales’s potential. I also like that they drafted a new punter and kicker, which drew so much derision from the bitter peanut gallery. The weakness at punter cost them dearly last year. Folk rarely kicked it far enough for a touchback which hurt them in field position almost as much as the punter.The Offense has to be better this year with OB at the helm ( it certainly can’t get worse ). If the D is top 5 which it looks to be, the Pats could win 11 games. The D had 30 turnovers last year. If they can get oppossing offenses to cough it up that much or more, that is good for 2-3 more wins alone. In spite of what the broken hearted neigh sayers post about dumpster fires, I like their chances. I’ll be here when the dust settles. We’ll see if they are.

  12. The ENTIRE mess with the offense was Patricia & Judge being in no place they should have been & THAT is 100% on BB…. Many steps have been taken to address many areas of concern & that is fantastic…BOB was probably the biggest step made in correcting the offense, everything else is just a bonus & I believe Mac will really start to take off under BOB & if he can scheme Tyquan Thornton open as our deep threat the way he did for Jameson Williams at Alabama and D’s have to play us accordingly, that should open thing up big time!!!
    Definitely I believe they got much stronger with their 1st 3 selections & having a strong D in the gauntlet of high octagon offenses they have to face this year is HUGE… hopefully it gels rather quickly as they have no time to waste getting it fine tuned, they have to come out very good & get great to incredible in a hurry in that order…
    Special Teams looks to be on the up tick as well…
    Exciting times ahead!!!

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