Antonio Brown says he’ll play for the Albany Empire

Friday's At Red Martini Hosted By Antonio Brown
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Antonio Brown could soon become pro football’s first owner-player since George Halas.

Brown, who owns the Albany Empire, recently told Roger Wyland of WNYT-TV that he’ll play in an upcoming game. Brown plans to play in a game. He’ll debut as soon as May 27.

Brown last played football in January 2022, with the Buccaneers. He was basically fired during a game, after refusing to play due to an ankle injury. He has not signed with another NFL team since being released by Tampa Bay.

The Empire has generated plenty of chaos since Brown became the sole owner of the team. He has denied that he owns the team, while also claiming that he is a foreign national. Despite no proof to support the idea that he was not born in the United States.

91 responses to “Antonio Brown says he’ll play for the Albany Empire

  1. AB is CRAZY, and not in a good way! He really needs professional help.

  2. Antonio Brown is the sole owner of this team? I have a feeling this is going to develop into something funny

  3. Antonio is going to make Albany a “destination”.
    If Antonio is hanging around, it must mean that Albany is a really hip, swinging place. Antonio don’t waste his time on no place that ain’t hip and swinging.

  4. This really waters down that superbowl ring a bit. I disagree that he was basically fired by the Bucs. He quit in front of a national audience as far as anyone could tell. It’s possible he may have been benched afterwards, but doubtfully released. The incident took everyone by surprise. His mind caused that incident. His explanation afterwards about an injury means absolutely nothing. He was trying put his spin on things. But, he quit.

  5. So he was “fired during a game, after refusing to play due to an ankle injury”?

    We all saw that ankle was just fine.

  6. I’ll take the liberty of speaking for every contributing member on this – NO. ONE. CARES.

  7. I guess people find Antonio Brown’s behaviors humorous. But he’s probably the starkest example we have of CTE wrecking a player’s thirties. Rather than make him a sideshow, we need an urgent conversation about the intersection of CTE & mental illness and what can be done immediately to prevent such tragic cases.

  8. Now he’s a foreign national ?? Aka Maya Hari maybe ?? Get lots of,popcorn reddi.

  9. Wasn’t Curly Lambeau also an owner-player? Back in the days before financial difficulty led the Packers to public ownership.

  10. Mental illness is a serious issue, and this young man is in need of a mental health intervention.

  11. It’s not hard to imagine AB in a psych ward somewhere if he ever becomes poor.

    The rich are eccentric, only the poor are crazy.

  12. Is it just me or does Antonio Brown seem to have the IQ of a house plant?

  13. Antonio Brown has always just played for Antonio Brown, so this is nothing new.

  14. He needs to get himself checked out by a mental health professional. His merry go round isn’t making a full circle.

  15. AB has devolved from a premier receiver in the NFL to a pathetic clown holding an arena team hostage to his grandiose delusions.

  16. Oh I hope he’s playing some tax evasion card by not saying he’s a US citizen. Please bring the government into his schemes.

  17. If ABrown is the sole owner, I recommend any service personnel or employees get their money up front. The entitled Brown thinks the law doesn’t apply to him and he is not obligated to pay his bills.

  18. Good luck to the Albany Empire. Your owner, who was such a diva no NFL team will have him despite his immense talent, is badly in need of psychological counseling. He can do whatever he wants now because he can’t be fired. It should be interesting, at least.

  19. Let’s go with the foreign national. If he doesn’t have a visa or green card, deport him. Irs audit is also indicated.

  20. wasn’t he part of the crew who harassed the hospital worker getting the bike? please put him in jail already

  21. jimmysee says:
    May 19, 2023 at 5:36 am
    “Wasn’t Curly Lambeau also an owner-player? Back in the days before financial difficulty led the Packers to public ownership.” No he wasnt.Curley Lambeau and a friend founded the Packers in 1919 and became player-coach in 1920.from 1921 -1949 he became head coach and General Manager.the Packers have never had an owner like all the other nfl teams do.

  22. The Albany Empire won back-to-back league championships over the last 2 seasons and were poised to win a third with a very talented, experienced roster. I know its Arena ball but they had a small but loyal fan base in a small market. The chaos that has ensued since just before the start of the season when Antonio Brown came onboard is sad. The original owner walked away, the coach was fired (hired back) and by week 3 half the roster was either fired or quit. After 3 straight losses this season is pretty much over and now this? Nothing more than a money grab to draw people into the circus that has now become this franchise.

  23. I cannot imagine being in an environment where AB is an owner-player. At best, it is a double disaster for every coach and teammate who is mired in that mess.

    I would hate being in the position where I either needed the money or loved the game so much that I would subject myself to that situation.

  24. I’ve enjoyed both XFL and USFL games, but had no idea that Arena ball was still a thing. Had to Google the name.

  25. Was he able to get the owner of the Empire to pay for his ankle surgery? I know that was one of his conditions for playing

  26. “Antonio Brown is the sole owner of this team? I have a feeling this is going to develop into something funny”

    Lol it did the moment he bought the team.

    The first game after he bought them, he was walking around the end zone signing autographs and security, who had no idea who he was, threw him out.

    There’s video out there of this incident and its hilarious. He’s trying to tell the guy he owns the team and the dude wasn’t having it

  27. I’m all for it! Plus he is a minority that OWNS a football team…it’s a great story…Next step NFL team ownership…go AB!

  28. Can’t wait to see the Netflix documentary on the implosion of this situation

  29. Game stats, 28 pass attempts, Brown 28 targets, 17 catches for 246 yards. Then Brown yapping after the game the he can still play in the NFL. I find this all amusing as long as there’s no chance he’ll play in the NFL. Presumably that ship has sailed.

  30. If AB owns the team, everyone on the team needs to be ready for when AB don’t pay them!

  31. I would love to see AB play the role of a black Norman Bates in a remake of the classic film Psycho.

  32. Poor Albany (lived in the region for 30 years).

    It’s bad enough being the Capital of NYS, an economic basket case as far as private industry is concerned, having a higher crime rate than most cities its size (and higher then NYC) and being something of a cultural wasteland.

    Now it’s stuck with Antonio Brown?

    Got to wonder what it did in the past to deserve all this?

    Well at least the surrounding country side is beautiful.

  33. oldgrouch says:
    AB is both the captain of the Titanic and the iceberg.

    Not to mention Senior Vice President in charge of rearranging the deck chairs.

  34. It will soon be a fallen “Empire” the second that something doesn’t go Brown’s way. He is poison to any team that takes him on.

  35. But he said he was joining the Ravens…definitely not an anagram for Alec Guinness

  36. What a waste. With Pittsburgh’s defense, Antonio Brown, Le’Veon Bell & Big Ben could have won rings together with the trio mentioned in the same breath as Aikman, Irvin, & Emmett Smith. But instead Ben will be HoF, Brown & Bell will be forgotten or at best trivia questions.

  37. This is going to be funny. He can go as crazy as he wants on field and the coach can’t do a thing about it. I may have to attend a few Empire games to see this chaos live.

  38. We don’t know if Brown has CTE, which can only be confirmed after death. We DO know that he’s mentally unstable. When I think of Antonio Brown, I’m reminded of that Country Western song….”How can we miss you if you won’t go away?”

  39. He will end up not paying himself and walking off in protest, mid-game.

  40. He owns the ALBANY EMPIRE?
    I feel there’s a disturbance in the force……

  41. The guy wasn’t “basically fired” during a game. He quit. He refused to play due to the lack of targets. Diva style.

  42. If he passes away and do an autopsy ,they’ll find he has CTE……AND we all know it was THAT hit by the Bengals LB Buffit.

  43. I hope he scores 10 TD’s. It would just be another strange moment in 9 lives of AB.

  44. Wasn’t his dad an arena football legend?

    The apple didn’t fall far from the tree but in his case it got chewed up by a lawnmower.
    “Empire,” by the way, is an apple. One of my favs.

  45. It wasn’t that long ago, this guy was an absolute lock for the NFL HOF..

  46. For those of us who enjoy Indoor/Arena Football it’s sad what AB has done to The Empire. From the 90’s when they were The Firebirds (with AB’s father Eddie as the star WR of the team) to now (being in The National Arena League) Albany has supported its’ team. It’s true if AB hadn’t joined ownership the Empire may have folded (Empire were in arrears $800K state of NY Workers Compensation, AB picked up the tab and became majority owner).

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