Cardinals are underdogs in all 17 games

New England Patriots v Arizona Cardinals
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The oddsmakers are not high on the Cardinals in 2023.

After the 2023 NFL schedule was released last week, point spreads are now available for every single game. And the Cardinals are underdogs in every single game.

That certainly doesn’t mean the Cardinals are going 0-17 in 2023, but it does mean that this could be an ugly season in Arizona. First-year coach Jonathan Gannon is going to have a tough time fielding a competitive team.

And the Cardinals may end up with the first overall pick in the 2024 NFL draft, when they’ll be faced with the question of whether they want to stick with Kyler Murray as their franchise quarterback of the present, or draft USC quarterback Caleb Williams as their franchise quarterback of the future.

20 responses to “Cardinals are underdogs in all 17 games

  1. Should have kept the study clause in his contract, from what I read he is more interested in playing video games.

  2. When is Kyler Murray ready to play? 1-8 without him and 2-6 with him for 3-14 and a top 3 pick to go with Houston’s 6-10th pick. What coach do they hire next year and do they draft a new QB?

  3. Trey lance, Sam darnold, zach wilson, Baker mayfield. Murray about to get Josh rosened

  4. Well, they have a JV QB so this shouldn’t be surprising to anyone

  5. BDUB says:
    May 18, 2023 at 6:41 pm
    They’ll win at least 7 games, book it.
    The Cards were 0-8 last season against teams that finished with a winning record. Book that.

  6. Poor Cardinals fans. 15 years of hope starting around the mid-2000s and now it looks like they’ve fully regressed back to their historic mean

  7. Do the sharps realize the Cards are playing the Browns this year? By that time we’ll have an intern coach and will be playing for nothing. The Cards will beat us

  8. When “keeping it real” goes wrong. I’m not a fan, but it looks like Murray was able to pull a fast one on the Cardinals. He gets his money, and more than likely if they have the first pick, they move on. Might be too late for that baseball career though.

  9. Haters keep hating! Ask the Raiders fans about Kyler…they’ll say he’s pretty good

  10. “They’ll win at least 7 games, book it.”

    They were not relegated to the USFL….(yet)….

  11. They’ll trade up for the #1 pick when the Bears trade down again.

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