Davante Adams calls Raiders G.M. Dave Ziegler “the man” after critical comments emerge

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Raiders receiver Davante Adams recently said some things to Mirin Fader of TheRinger.com. Beyond the fact that Adams’s motivation to leave the Packers included an obsession with proving he could thrive without quarterback Aaron Rodgers, Adams was candid about his concerns regarding the current direction of the Raiders.

After the comments surfaced, Adams posted on social media an image of himself and Raiders G.M. Dave Ziegler, with this message over the image: “The man.”

That’s fine. But it doesn’t change what Adams said. He said, of the front office, “We don’t see eye-to-eye on what we think is best for us right now.”

He also said, “I’m going to have to buy into this and try to be as optimistic as possible. It’s not what I expected to happen, but it’s something that’s the reality now.”

Adams hasn’t denied saying what he said. He hasn’t claimed his comments were off the record or taken out of context. His photo with Ziegler arguably represents an effort to clean up any mess that might have resulted from his remarks.

It’s still unclear why he feels the way he does. It would seem to be an indictment of the decision to make Jimmy Garoppolo the team’s quarterback.

It would be interesting to know who Adams would have preferred. He admitted in the article that he lobbied Rodgers to pick the Raiders. With Tom Brady now available, and reportedly close to becoming an owner of the team, maybe Adams would like “the man” to pursue adding “the GOAT.”

Adams claims to have a strong desire to win. Most NFL players do. But Adams picked Las Vegas, knowing full well the division in which they play, and the presence of other great teams in the conference.

He wanted to get paid. He did. He wanted to establish that he can be a great receiver without a great quarterback (even though he suggested last year he was going from one Hall of Famer to another). He did. He wanted to be closer to family. He is.

If his goal were to get to a Super Bowl and win it, the Raiders aren’t the place he should have targeted. Given the current realities of the Vegas roster and the rosters of the teams with which the Raiders compete, it’s hard to imagine the Raiders getting to the point where Adams wants them to be before he’s no longer a member of the team.

21 responses to “Davante Adams calls Raiders G.M. Dave Ziegler “the man” after critical comments emerge

  1. I find it funny that someone can be a star sports player and earn many tens of millions of dollars and still be unhappy.

    I’ll bet most of us would be ecstatic if we could play in a professional sport for 10 years and be good at it and earn 100 million.

    You would not hear a peep from most of us

  2. Please shut up and go to work. Backtracking is a terrible look. You said it, now own it and go to practice.

  3. I really hate how the media twists things around and stirs up trouble just to get ratings.

  4. Holmes and Ziegler will both be fired within 2 years. Worst GMs in the NFL, by far!

  5. Davante Adams is overrated and everyone knows it. The Raiders are a garbage team that will be lucky to get 3 wins.

  6. Just when I think no one can have locker room drama beyond my Lions gambling scandal that cost us three players….here come the rudderless Raiders with some fresh drama to create distractions and a much worse image of the dysfunction within the Raiders organization.

  7. Davante Adams calls Raiders G.M. Dave Ziegler “the man”

    Is this a serious statement? Adams is a total meathead.

  8. Not aware of the cap/dead $ ramifications of trading Mr. Adams; but, it sure feels like he’s already got one foot out the door, pending a look at the Carr-free offense. Question is, what could Vegas get back under these circumstances.

  9. Still gonna need some mouthwash to get the foot flavor out of his mouth.

  10. GB actually offered Adams more money than the Raiders. So getting paid wasn’t the real reason he went there. What was it?

  11. Adams is just another sad case of the me me generation. He wanted to get paid, he got paid, and now the baby’s unhappy.

  12. wintercoates87 says:
    May 18, 2023 at 9:20 am

    Adams is just another sad case of the me me generation. He wanted to get paid, he got paid, and now the baby’s unhappy.


    Doesn’t hold water. It’s been widely reported that Green Bay offered MORE money than Oakland but Adams chose to move west.

  13. Why would Adams be happy with the situation in Las Vegas, none of the players should be. They went 6-11 last year. They downgraded at QB as far as Adams game strengths go, Jimmy G can’t push the ball beyond 20 yards and Adams excels on deep routes. They didn’t address O-Line, Secondary or Linebacker positions, all weaknesses moving forward. Coach has an over-sized ego and an undersized resume. Raiders are a train wreck and I’ve been a Raider fan for almost 50 years.

  14. Adams averages 12.5 yards per catch. He is hardly a deep threat that everyone wants to make him out to be.

  15. Another McDummy failure

    Jacobs will leave next year
    Renfrow will follow
    Devante will leave ASAP

    And for what?

    A 6-11 Coach and a team of Patriots sloppy seconds

    Fire McDummy before he Bronco’s 2.0 us into the ground

  16. I would assume damn near every player in the NFL doesn’t see eye to eye on every move. I think the media would love it if Adams hated the regime. Truth is three days ago he was playing golf with his GM and head coach.

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