Franco Harris now has a street named after him in his hometown

Pittsburgh Steelers Franco Harris
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Hall of Fame running back Franco Harris, who died last December at the age of 72, has added another honor to a lifetime of them.

In his hometown of Mount Holly, New Jersey, there’s now a street known as Franco Harris Way.

The name was unveiled on Tuesday.

Former Penn State teammate Lydell Mitchell and former NFL running back Joe Washington spoke at the event.

Franco deserved this,” Franco’s sister, Luana, said, via the Philadelphia Inquirer. “He was the best. I truly miss him. I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate him than to have Franco Harris Way on the street we grew up on. . . . This is our home. Franco would love this.”

It also will announced that December 23, the date of the Immaculate Reception, will now be known as Franco Harris Day in Mount Holly and Burlington County.

10 responses to “Franco Harris now has a street named after him in his hometown

  1. This is very cool. I live near there, used to hang out and watch games with his brother Gus at a bar called “the hideout”, back in the day when there were free wings whenever an NFL game was on.

  2. I’m from his Hometown and still live here TODAY. He is a HOF RB and many people here still don’t even know who he is. I’ve never heard of his ‘coming home” I played high school football as a team mate with yet another NFL Great from Mt Holly N.J. (WR Irving Fryar) First pick in NFL draft and played for the home town team (Eagles)and he’s still living in the area and is well known. Mr Harris is an all time great but why name a street after a man who doesn’t embrace his own home town?

  3. This is a wonderful gesture, and would like to see it done more frequently. Hope the fantastic old timer from yesteryear Kirk Hershey who hails from Philly gets a highway named after him.

  4. It would have been more impressive if they had done this while he was alive. Members of the community of the little country town I grew up in honored my Dad for his contributions about a year before he passed away and it meant the WORLD to him as it did the rest of the family. Who started the tradition of honoring people after they are dead when they know nothing about the honor? While Franco’s family are honored by this, we’ll never know how he would have felt…. and if someone grossly misbehaves after receiving an honor, it can be taken away and they would have to live with the shame of it.

  5. I am very happy that his family and life long friends can celebrate his life with this honor. A good man and a gentleman; full class act. Wish this had been done while he was still alive – but its done now.

  6. When Franco Harris was in the lineup and healthy, the Steelers were true contenders and tough to beat, when he was out, the Steelers had barely a .500 record against teams with a winning record. With all due respect to HOF Terry Bradshaw and his receivers, there’s was an old school power rushing team.

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