Fred Warner: Defense wins championships, we need to be better

NFC Divisional Playoffs - Dallas Cowboys v San Francisco 49ers
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49ers wide receiver Deebo Samuel recently said that there was “no question” that his team was better than the Eagles last season, but they lost the NFC Championship Game after losing both of their available quarterbacks to injuries.

Other 49ers have shared similar feelings and linebacker Fred Warner said recently that it “felt like we never even had a chance to really compete.” Warner went on to say that his view of the game didn’t exclude self-analysis that could help them in the future.

Warner said he asked himself how “our defense could have been better in that game and how he could have been “better for our team and our defense” as he moves toward the 2023 season.

“I’ll always say defense wins championships, so it’s going to start and end with us,” Warner said, via “We take that on our shoulders, that responsibility, and we need to be better.”

The 49ers have uncertainty about the quarterback position thanks to Brock Purdy‘s elbow injury, but weathering any difficulties will be a lot easier if Warner and the defense can find way to make 2022’s stingiest unit even tougher this time around.

11 responses to “Fred Warner: Defense wins championships, we need to be better

  1. pats92 says:
    May 18, 2023 at 1:56 pm
    This isn’t 2004. You need an above average QB.

    Which they have, unlike the Patriots who should have drafted Brock Purdy.

  2. Turn the page on 2022 already. You will continue to underachieve with mediocre at best QB play

  3. When I think of the 2022 Kansas City Chiefs, I think of their defense that won them that championship.

  4. While I think that if Purdy had stayed healthy and in that game, the Niners would have had a good chance to beat Philly, it doesn’t matter. Injuries are part of the game…and keeping players healthy is part of the game. SO I give credit to Philly for the win.

    If Philly had committed a foul and purposely injured Purdy, it would be different, but that’s not what happened.

    Fred Warner is a pro’s pro. I’m glad he’s still with the team. There will be a huge buildup to week 13. I hope that both teams are at full strength when they meet,.

  5. It generally takes 6-7 weeks of games to develop enough film on a QB for teams to scheme defense for. Purdy has played what, 8 games total? Shanahan does a good job hiding QB faults, and it doesn’t hurt to have a top defense feeding you the ball back in good field position. Let’s see how he plays this year. It’s all set up for him, but is that enough to get over the top? Or is it just enough to drive up to the vista point? A lot of good QB’s never got to play in that environment so Purdy is fortunate. What helps him is his mobility. He was not thought to be a great athlete, but he’s not slow, and he does have good change of direction ability. He was rated as a UDFA before the Draft, and he almost was one. That’s probably for a reason. It’s not that a late round QB pick can’t pan out. It did happen once. Spectacularly I might add. I’m not so sure it happens again. SF, with a great roster, may be doomed to coming close to winning the big one, but never being able to out sling the teams with the big gun QB’s….forever the Bridesmaid.

  6. Sore losers continuing to whine about a game they lost.

    Your “great” defense had one sack for no lost yards, no turnovers, gave up 148 rushing yards and 4 rushing TDs.

    Eagles would have won even if Purdy stayed healthy.

    49ers should blame their coach for not challenging the Smith catch and having a tight end block Reddick…

  7. Nobody’s whining. Reddick took out Purdy and then Suh took out the backup to finish the job. That’s life but it sucked and if you are a 49er or one of their fans it’s a brutal way to lose a game.

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