There will be no vote next week on Commanders sale

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Commanders fans will have to keep the cork in their champagne for a little while longer.

NFL executive V.P. of communications, public affairs, and policy Jeff Miller told reporters during a Thursday conference call that there will be no vote during next week’s ownership meeting on the proposed sale of the Commanders by Daniel Snyder to Josh Harris.

The next regular meeting happens in October. The league could arrange a special meeting, as it did last year, for the ratification of the purchase of the Broncos.

Questions continue to emerge periodically regarding the Harris group’s bid. There seems to be nothing at this point that will derail it, however, especially since the owners are nearly as anxious as fans to send Dan Snyder to Belize.

9 responses to “There will be no vote next week on Commanders sale

  1. Just looking fwd to the new name, anything is better than Commanders

  2. How many more stores are we going to see about the vote NOT happening yet???

  3. What will people do if the Harris bid isn’t approved, and Dan Snyder is still an NFL Owner?

  4. A deal this complicated with 15 or so partners and their combined 100 billion dollar worth takes time for the vetting process to be completed. The real question is will it be done in time for camp and will the new owners want to do Hard Knocks this year? Commanders are 1 of the 4 final teams. Bought some good publicity to the Lions last year–the Commanders desperately need some good pub, too.

  5. If the owners were truly desperate to get rid of Dan, wouldnt they have voted by now? I thought for sure it would be done before the Draft. I guess we will see Dan in the owners box this season.

  6. There’s something funny about the money here. I believe that’s the real reason the vote hasn’t transpired. Ol Dan knows he is hated, so stuck it to the NFL by jacking the price up to 6 billion dollars and can sail into the sunset on his super yacht with Tonya and a smile on his face leaving all the headaches to the new owners.

  7. At this point I’m all for the Washington franchise and Jacksonville franchise to move over to Europe.

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