Bucs college free agent Kade Warner calls himself the “smartest” rookie receiver in the NFL

NFL: MAY 12 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Rookie Minicamp
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Buccaneers rookie receiver Kade Warner went undrafted last month, but that hasn’t done anything to hurt his confidence.

In fact, it’s only increased his will to do what his father did.

I take everything personally,” Warner said, via Matt Matera of pewterreport.com. “Like I was saying, from that undrafted, that walk-on mentality, every little thing. Like if the coaches pick somebody else before me, I write that down. If somebody gets more reps than me in this walk-through, I write that down. It’s kind of like that chip on your shoulder, I think just that expression is said a lot, so I don’t like saying it, but I just take everything personally.”

Kurt Warner was an undrafted free agent who now is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. His son spent three years at Nebraska and two at Kansas State, catching 60 passes for 622 yards and five touchdowns in 22 games with Wildcats.

Mike Evans, Chris Godwin and Russell Gage are the Bucs’ starters at the position, but the other spots behind them are wide open. Sixth-round pick Trey Palmer and veteran free agent David Moore are among others competing for jobs and playing time.

Warner projects as a slot receiver whose special teams skills could earn him a spot on the team. But he is planning on earning a bigger role.

“So, I’m competitive like that, and I’m the smartest receiver in this [rookie] class,” Warner said. “I’ve said it before. They’re going to get a good slot receiver out of me, and I’m going to know exactly what to do on every play.”

Warner has a lot going for him, having grown up in the game under the guidance of a Hall of Fame father who has been where his son is now.

8 responses to “Bucs college free agent Kade Warner calls himself the “smartest” rookie receiver in the NFL

  1. The fact that you feel you have to state that shows in fact that you are not…..

  2. That means when he is bagging groceries like his father he will put the bread on top

  3. UDFA WR will make an impact on the Bucs and may be the #3 quickly. His name is Rakeem Jarrett out of the University of Maryland. Nice try Kade.

  4. Wouldn’t “the smartest receiver in this class” have signed with the Chiefs or the Eagles or the 49ers or the Bengals…, assuming any of those teams were interested?

  5. And, accordingly, he will easily understand exactly why he won’t make the roster.

  6. It’s a better look when you’re humble and let other people brag for you.

  7. Taking it personally only works if you can back it up. You’re not MJ. Relax kid.

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