Nakobe Dean: We don’t feel like we have a target on our back, we feel like we’re hunting

NFL: DEC 04 Titans at Eagles
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Eagles center Jason Kelce said this week that “it’s going to be even harder to have a really, really good season” after winning the NFC title because other teams are going to be keying on stopping the things that they did well during that run.

Kelce’s comments fit the notion that the Eagles will enter the 2023 season with targets on their backs, but one of his teammates took issue with that idea during a Friday appearance on NFL Network. Linebacker Nakobe Dean said the team still sees itself as chasing rather than the one being chased.

“We’ve got a lot of underdogs on the team, a lot of people who play with a lot of chips on their shoulders, so we’ll never sit back and act like we’re the one with the targets on our backs. . . . We don’t look at it like we’ve got the target on our back. We look at it like we’re the ones out there hunting,” Dean said.

Dean will be more primed for the hunt than some of his older teammates. The 2022 third-rounder played sparingly on defense as a rookie, but is ticketed for a bigger role after offseason changes to the linebacking corps and that will position him for a bigger impact on how things play out for the Eagles this time around.

6 responses to “Nakobe Dean: We don’t feel like we have a target on our back, we feel like we’re hunting

  1. i think we can all agree, the NFC East is going to be fun to watch once again. no more NFC Least crap…. hopefully.

  2. This guy is a bust. He has no business talking like this. Good grief.

    Is this D aware they gave up 38 pts in a sb after blowing a halftime lead?

  3. The Eagles are an elite team, but I guarantee their record won’t be anywhere close to last year. Up to Week 12 they played the easiest Strength of Schedule. Now factor in Giants, Cowboys and even Commanders are better and they have the very solid AFC East four teams.

  4. Everyone saying the eagles played the easiest schedule last year is wrong. I think I read somewhere that they were like 9-2 against WINNING teams last year or something? Giants twice, cowboys twice, jags, Vikings, lions, Steelers, commanders twice. That is 10 games against teams .500 or better last year. Add in the playoffs and the eagles were 9-2 against winning teams last year and in one of those losses they didn’t have Hurts playing. So spare me…

  5. I don’t blame Dean for putting it this way. He’s hungry. He didn’t get on the field last year and he wants to show he can do it.

    Maybe one of the best ways for the Eagles to safeguard against a hangover is to ensure this kind of hunger by having new faces on defense.

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