San Diego State makes no findings regarding Matt Araiza situation

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San Diego State University has concluded its investigation regarding allegations of rape and gang rape against former SDSU and former Bills punter Matt Araiza.

“While the university cannot provide specific information related to its student disciplinary proceedings and investigations, or specific information related to student records, it can confirm that none of the former students named in the civil suit are now the subject of an active investigation,” SDSU said in a statement, via Alaina Getzenberg of “In addition, they are not currently enrolled, active students or affiliated with any athletics activities.

“SDSU reserves the right to reinstate investigations based on new developments.”

The alleged victim’s lawyer called the SDSU findings “meaningless,” adding that his client did not speak to SDSU and did not attend the school. Also, the alleged incident did not happen on the SDSU campus.

A civil lawsuit remains active. Regardless of the outcome, the NFL can take no action against Araiza. For now, he continues to not be employed by any NFL franchise.

14 responses to “San Diego State makes no findings regarding Matt Araiza situation

  1. If this kid was good enough to get drafted where he did then he should be on a roster at this point of the season so either the NFL knows something the rest of us don`t, Which could easily be true.
    Or the NFL is willing to let a player be blackballed without proof or even evidence that he did anything wrong just to avoid the negative blow back some would give them. Which is pathetic but could also easily be true.

  2. Thats the problem in this rush-to-judgement society, people lose so much income, credibility and everything else when they are falsely accused and cant have due process happen fast enough … If he was guilty, hopefully he can learn from his mistakes and do better but the damage is done.

  3. Isn’t no team having hired him yet a form of the NFL taking action?

  4. He may well be innocent but after Jameis Winston I don’t put much faith in the results of a university investigating student athletes.

  5. I know he’s a punter, not a QB, but how does Deshaun Watson have a job and this guy doesn’t?

  6. Why is Araiza’s name continuously attached to this then? Is SDSU covering for him? There has to be a good reason why an athlete known as Punt God hasn’t gotten a call from an NFL team.

  7. nflyoda says:
    May 19, 2023 at 2:57 pm

    He may well be innocent but after Jameis Winston I don’t put much faith in the results of a university investigating student athletes.
    Yes but the DA in the case didn`t just cite lack of evidence he was exonerated based off of every witness testifying he left the party an hour before the alleged incident and from the time stamps on the video evidence so it`s not just a University investigation.

  8. It just goes to show that a player’s position does matter. If Araiza was an all world QB or DE, the Bills would have let this play out in court before deciding he was cut. Because he was a punter, it was easier to replace him. Based on what he did in college, Araiza could have been the next Ray Guy. Because he just kicks a ball to pin the other team back it wasn’t worth the headache in the teams eyes.

  9. Tired of hearing about a punter who has never played a down in the league and likely never will.

    These guys are told over and over that they are public figures and they need to be beyond reproach. Guilty or innocent, it’s his own fault for putting himself in that situation. If he expected to get a pass he should have learned to play quarterback instead.

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