Christian McCaffrey: Comments about trade to 49ers are “nothing against” Panthers

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49ers running back Christian McCaffrey recently said the trade that sent him from Carolina to San Francisco was “the best thing that ever happened to me.” On Friday, he clarified his remarks, given their obvious implication.

Via, McCaffrey said during an appearance on NFL Network’s Good Morning Football that his happiness about joining the 49ers is not a reflection on the team he left.

“I do want to make it clear that was nothing against Carolina when I said that,” McCaffrey said. “I have no bad blood and I love everybody there. I still keep in touch with a lot of my teammates there and a lot of the coaches who I had the privilege of playing for there.”

Still, it’s clear that he sees the 49ers as a better overall operation than the Panthers. That’s hardly a controversial take, given the recent success of the 49ers and ongoing efforts of the Panthers to turn things around.

“I think early on in practice when I was in the huddle with George KittleDeebo SamuelTrent WilliamsBrandon AiyukKyle Juszczyk and all these guys, I felt like I was on a Pro Bowl roster,” McCaffrey said. “It hit me that this was a special team. . . . I was very fortunate to come into a team that built a culture and had taken time to build a culture. To add on top of the roster, in my opinion, some of the best coaches in the NFL and guys who know how to use players like myself and have been doing it for so long. I just felt very fortunate to be a part of something that was already so developed so to say and like I said a culture that was established.”

McCaffrey won’t have to worry about his comments coming back to haunt him this year, because the 49ers don’t play the Panthers. Unless, of course, those ongoing efforts to turn things around in Charlotte result in the Panthers crossing paths with McCaffrey and the 49ers in the playoffs.

17 responses to “Christian McCaffrey: Comments about trade to 49ers are “nothing against” Panthers

  1. Is it a coincidence that once he was traded, he was magically healed and wasn’t injured or missed a game since?

  2. The 49ers are overpaying him and gave up too much for him given what he brings to the table at this point

  3. I believe it’s a requirement that you have to apologize for anything you say in today’s world. Personally, I think we should ship all the super sensitize whiners to North Korea.

  4. Have you ever had a job and you loved everyone there, pay was decent but you got a better offer where your life improved drastically doing the same work but you don’t have ill will or bad memories of the former job?

    Same thing, let these men progress in their careers that you grant literally everybody else in the world.

  5. Why does everyone in today’s society feel every time they say anything, not long after they must put out a statement of apology or clarification? Are people today simply terrified that someone was, or might be offended? I’d rather they simply never speak, ever.

  6. RB careers are very short. He wasn’t winning anything with the Panthers soon. Maybe he will with the Niners.

  7. The Panthers have a loaded roster. They will win the NFC South. Smart move to trade an overpaid RB who is always hurt.

  8. I’m offended that he felt the need to clarify his comments if he offended someone. You’re good CMc and no need to explain to the adults in the room.

  9. Cmon he played for a team in 2019 that had a 5-11 record and gave him the ball 406 times. Yea, they really gave a damn about him. He did have a great season by the stats and I am sure he wanted the ball every time too but using your best player like that in garbage time shows disregard for a players health and longevity.

  10. I’m offended by both his comments and the apology/walkback. I don’t even know why but I’m supposed to be. Or something.

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