Does Brian Davis plan further lawsuits regarding Commanders sale? Says his lawyer, “Not at this time”

Washington Commanders v Kansas City Chiefs
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It feels as if the lawsuit filed by Urban Echo Energy against Bank of America could be the first step toward a broader effort to derail the sale of the Washington Commanders to Josh Harris. So will the company owned by former Duke and NBA player be filing more lawsuits?

Not at this time,” lawyer Jeff Martin told A.J. Perez of

That implies that, at some point in the future, more litigation could commence.

It wouldn’t be a surprise. Friday’s lawsuit feels like a first step in an eventual effort to attack league rules that restrict the manner in which franchises can be sold and owned. The argument would be that limitations on the manner in which teams can be sold and owned violate antitrust laws.

The initial lawsuit seeks $500 billion in damages, a largely meaningless number aimed at creating publicity. That said, the pending suit contends that $5 billion was surrendered to Bank of America as part of the transaction, but not returned.

The next suit, if there is one, could target the league’s rules, after Bank of America says (as it possibly will) that the $7.1 billion offer wasn’t transmitted to Commanders owner Daniel Snyder because the structure didn’t comply with league rules.

6 responses to “Does Brian Davis plan further lawsuits regarding Commanders sale? Says his lawyer, “Not at this time”

  1. And Snyder, sitting somewhere in the shadows, giggles himself silly as he owns the team for yet another season.

  2. It’s there job to get the highest viable bid with cash on hand. It’s for the league to sift through the rest.

    As we’re heating, owners already massaging the rules to speed to ousting of Snyder

  3. We need to stop giving this guy air time and ink in the papers. His 15 minutes in the spotlight is over.

  4. Neither Davis nor any of his companies surrendered a penny to Bank of America. The two Citibank bank drafts were funded from an account for the Estate of Severino Garcia Sta. Romana, which has a colorful history to say the least. The relationship between Davis and the Garcia Romana estate and Davis is unclear at this time. What is clear is that Bank of America is not holding any of Davis’ money because it was never his to begin with.

  5. If Bank of America needs somewhere to send the 5 billion dollars that ‘hasn’t been returned’, I will gladly provide an address and name for them to send the check to !!

  6. I can send my bank info to Bank of America they can wire me 1 billion minus a small fee for themselves or in cash I will take all 20s

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