Ja’Marr Chase responds to claim Bengals-Bills playoff game would have been different in a dome

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Cincinnati Bengals v Buffalo Bills
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The Bengals and Bills got together in the postseason, after the unexpectedly truncated game in Cincinnati to cap Week 17. Former Bills receiver Isaiah McKenzie recently claimed that, if the game had been played indoors, the home team would have won.

McKenzie, now with the Colts, made the comments on a podcast with Tyler Dunne of GoLongTD.com.

“The Bengals ran basic routes, maybe we should’ve did that, ran basic routes,” McKenzie said, via SI.com. “Like out routes, go balls, you know, instead of running routes that you have to be going lateral or coming back to the football, or turning and running curls and things like that. If we were in a dome it would have been a totally different game.”

That’s an indictment of the coaching, frankly. The game planning. The adaptability to the circumstances.

Of course, the game could have been played in a dome if the NFL had decided, as it did for a potential Bills-Chiefs AFC Championship, to give the Bengals a fair shake and send the postseason contest to a neutral site. That didn’t happen, and it’s on the Bills to construct a roster and an approach that makes the elements in January an positive, not a negative.

Meanwhile, Bengals receiver Ja'Marr Chase has dismissed McKenzie’s claim.

Chase said on Twitter, via Dave Clark of the Cincinnati Enquirer, that it was “my first time ever playing ina snow bro” and that you’ve  “just gotta play at the end of the day.”

Still, McKenzie’s point is less about the ability of the players to perform in the elements and more about the kind of pass routes that could be more successful in those elements. It’s not a slap at the Bengals; it’s a compliment.

If McKenzie is directing an insult at anyone, it’s at his former team.

25 responses to “Ja’Marr Chase responds to claim Bengals-Bills playoff game would have been different in a dome

  1. The Bills will take another step back this year, McDermott is overrated as a HC.

  2. Still the Bills division to lose. Window won’t stay open forever though.

  3. The bills were dominated at the line of scrimmage. Dome wouldn’t have changed a thing.

  4. I mean, why does this conversation even exist? The Bills are the team that should be used to the snow. It looked like they were wearing ski boots at times. I couldn’t figure it out – it seemed like their 1st time playing in the elements.

    Cincy was so much better that day. There are simply no excuses for that game. The Bengals dominated from the 1st drive, and deserved the win.

    I like what Beane has done this offseason. So much of it is a response to that game. The Bills added more toughness and physicality, and really beefed up the O-line (that game really showed how weak that unit was).

  5. Home playoff games are an advantage to the home team, not the visitors. Teh Bengal beat the Bills. Enough excuses.

  6. I’m not sure who this guy even is, but he seems to have forgotten that Chase would have also been playing in a dome.

  7. Dude is absolutely blasting his former team and not dismissing the Bengals. He didn’t even say the Bills would have won just that it wasn’t going to be a blowout like it was. But the bad play calling in snow by Buffalo ensured that it was.

  8. Mckenzie isn’t wrong.
    The Bills are bizarrely built to be the most effective in ideal conditions than the ones that you typically see in Buffalo winters. That’s on Brandon Beane, and in no way negates what the Bengals did to them last January. It just shows that Duke Tobin has done an exemplary job beyond just drafting a franchise quarterback, which contrasts the shortcomings of Beane even further.

  9. Small sample but the Bills were on their way to getting dominated on Monday night in Cincy and the weather was beautiful.

  10. QB’s that run well don’t = running QB’s.

    Maybe a fine line. But if Allen stopped running tomorrow, he’d still be a top 5 QB.

  11. Whats tha saying about “opening your mouth & removing all doubt….?” This guy is a dummy. They beat them on their home field. Case closed.

  12. McDermott is not a very good coach. The 13 Seconds game will live in infamy.

  13. If you follow the Bills, the real reason Josh and of course team didn’t show had nothing to do with football…

  14. The only person who even thinks this is a wr who’s not even on the team anymore. Just another excuse for this website to post something for fans to trash Buffalo.

    Stupid post to lob softballs to everyone who wants to trash Buffalo

  15. The Bills window is closing, if not already closed. I hope I am wrong because I like Josh Allen. But I’m afraid that McDermott can only take them so far.

  16. Burrow’s first drive during the playoff game against the Bills was absolute master class. Chase is right, I don’t think that would’ve been done in Atlanta’s stadium. Different atmosphere, different conditions.

  17. Frasier and McDermott should have been canned years ago. The only reason McDermott is still there is so Beane can cover his rear an extra year.

  18. I had never heard of McKenzie. Now I have. That’s probably why he’s running his mouth. Just ignore guys like this. The Bengals win because they have better players. The Bills have better coaches. Josh Allen is a top five QB, but Joe Burrow is top two. It’s a QB league. That’s why both teams are awesome. Remind me again, did McKenzie graduate from Yale or Harvard?

  19. It’s Joe Burrow’s quick reading of defenses and release making the offense look simple. Zac Taylor was about to be fired before Burrow arrived, he’s not a better coach than McDermott. It’s Joe Burrow.

  20. It would have been a totally different game if they played it on a Wal-Mart parking lot but they didn’t.
    So what’s your point?

  21. Why is this even a thing? Why does this guy not understand that both teams played on the same field and had the same chance. The end. Double duh.

  22. Poor Bills always the victims. Newsflash, when you are expected to be the big boys and crap the bed… people will criticize.

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