Miami hopes to fend off L.A. for Super Bowl LXI

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Last month, Rams COO Kevin Demoff said that SoFi Stadium would like to host Super Bowl LXI, in early 2027. That apparently was news to folks in South Florida who have been angling for the game.

Hal Habib of the Palm Beach Post reports that Miami hopes it will be awarded Super Bowl LXI, despite L.A.’s late interest.

“We obviously want to get a game back to Miami,” South Florida Super Bowl bid committee chairman Rodney Barreto told Habib. “We believe we had a very successful last Super Bowl and the world shut down after that Super Bowl.”

Miami hosted the Super Bowl in February 2020. The Chiefs defeated the 49ers in the 54th installment of the game.

The NFL changed the procedures several years ago to avoid direct competition among cities for specific Super Bowls. Now, the league pursues a specific city, outlines its demands, and waits to see whether the city accepts.

Habib’s report suggests either that the approach has been tweaked, or that Demoff and the Rams are trying to horn in on a process that is supposed to no longer pit city against city, year after year, forcing those places that inevitably lose out on the game to waste time, money, and effort to secure it.

Super Bowl LX is expected to be awarded to San Francisco this week. Super Bowl LVIII will be played in Las Vegas, with Super Bowl LVIX happening in New Orleans.

It’s unknown whether Super Bowl LXI will be awarded this week, or at a later date.

25 responses to “Miami hopes to fend off L.A. for Super Bowl LXI

  1. Bikinis on South Beach or Homeless Tent City. Doesn’t seem that hard.

  2. Miami should be asking why Santa Clara is getting a SB…not Los Angeles. While Los Angeles has its own problems with crime and filth, Frisco is that on steroids. Factor in the fact that Levi’s Stadium is a hideous eye sore and is an outdoor venue subject to cold and likely rainy No Cal in February, it makes you wonder who else Jed York is greasing other than the Santa Clara City Council.

  3. It’ll be a miracle if it happens considering that tiny fan base they foolishly built that brand new stadium for and I’m including both teams

  4. I would rather watch Super Bowls on hallowed ground but they’ll always take flash over substance.

  5. My god, does EVERYTHING have to be made political these days? We would ALL be better off if we all turned and TV and Social Media and took more long walks everyday.

    Just my two cents.

  6. It should be played in the home stadium of one of the teams playing perhaps alternating between the AFC and the NFC every year. If that’s too much trouble, the Super Bowl should have a permanent home in Canton, Ohio.

  7. San Francisco??? Are you kidding me. Why on earth would the NFL go there the place is a cesspool right now and isn’t changing anytime soon. Not for the NFL not for anyone. They can’t hide it not for that many fans. Amazing they would even consider it as it is now. And yes I’ve been there lately. My company left there along with countless others recently.

  8. In Miami they could skip the halftime music and instead feature a cage match between Mickey Mouse and Ron DeSantis.

  9. Santa Clara. (My hometown) LA. Miami. New Orleans. Ya whatever. You know damn well everyone involved in the NFL would vote for every Super Bowl to be played from now on in Las Vegas. Unanimous vote.

  10. Seeyounexttuesday: *Bikinis on South Beach or Homeless Tent City. Doesn’t seem that hard.*

    I live in SoCal. Totally agree with you, and it is sad. Not the bikinis part, I mean.

  11. Why is this even a thing anymore? We know who has nice weather and domes, right? Just rotate it. If a team gets a new stadium that’s appropriate then they can be put in the rotation.

  12. 2028 Super Bowl Miami. Arch Manning number one draft pick 2028. It’s all good.

  13. So LA it is then. They are going to get what they want for a while. The NFL wouldn’t let them horn in if they didn’t want them too.

  14. Why isn’t Seattle ever in future Super Bowl site discussions?
    It seems to check all the boxes.
    Established franchise, competitive stadium, and February temps near 50 degrees.

  15. Some folks need to travel more often and expand their horizons. San Francisco and Los Angeles are world class cities with more things to do than a person could ever hope to experience.

    Every location from the smallest town to the largest city has their troubled areas. The homeless issue is not relegated to large cities. The real problem is the people who demagogue against the most vulnerable in our society.

  16. The homeless in downtown Miami are no better than LA.

    That’s why they had to put the stadium 20 miles out in the suburbs

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