OTAs could shed plenty of light on Samaje Perine’s role in Denver

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Veteran running back Samaje Perine has never had a chance to be the guy. With OTAs looming in Denver, there could be concrete evidence as to whether and to what extent Perine will become the guy, or something close to it, in his first season with the Broncos.

As noted by Nick Kosmider of TheAthletic.com, Perine “figures to have a significant role” in the offense. Much of that depends on the recovery of Javonte Williams, the development of other running backs on the roster, and the possibility that more talent will be added at the position.

But the Broncos added Perine for a reason. Coach Sean Payton previously called Perine an “important piece for us,” especially in light of the Williams injury.

Last weekend, Payton provided good news regarding Williams’s recovery from a torn ACL, sharing the observation that he “was taught a long time ago to stack them up at that position.”

Payton also likes to use the players he has, rotating them in and out and never putting all of the tailback eggs in one basket. There likely will be more than one regularly carrying the ball and/or catching passes. One of them getting his fair share of the touches likely will be Perine. But there’s a chance necessity will give Perine even more than his fair share.

For now, as noted by Kosmider, the upcoming OTAs will provide the first glimpses of what Perine will be doing in the offense, and it will show Payton more about how his new veteran tailback fits within the confines of the offense that is being adapted to quarterback Russell Wilson and the rest of the players in Payton’s new town.

8 responses to “OTAs could shed plenty of light on Samaje Perine’s role in Denver

  1. He deserves a chance to be the guy. He looked really good when Mixon had the ankle injury

  2. Denver had a serviceable, journey man rb last season. Hard to see Perine as an upgrade unless they got him on the cheap.

  3. This guy had a 400 yd rushing game vs Tulsa while at OK. One of the most amazing college performances ever. Can be the bell cow

  4. He’s definitely “the guy” in the beard game. Loved him here in Washington; shamefully underused.

  5. Perine is a beast. He can do it all. Denver will not be disappointed. Cincy will miss him.

  6. Denver has had boo boos when it’s come to trades and signings, but this one is solid.

  7. No one want to play for Unwatchable QB RW. They do want to play for Sean Payton.

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