Sauce Gardner gets a pair of Jessica Alba cleats

Miami Heat v New York Knicks - Game Two
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The arrival of Aaron Rodgers in New York sparked a tale of Rodgers hanging out with new teammate Sauce Gardner — and of Gardner not knowing who Jessica Alba is.

Gardner has since learned from his faux pas. And he now has a pair of footwear to remind him of that which he didn’t know.

Via, artist Mike Jordan crafted a pair of Jessica Alba cleats for Sauce. Jordan dropped them off at the team’s facility on Tuesday.

“I wanted to do something fun,” Jordan said. “I hope Jessica likes them, too.”

The issue speaks to the generation gap between the 22-year-old Gardner and the 39-year-old Rodgers. For now, though, everyone is on the same page as the Jets inch toward a season featuring sky-high expectations, thanks to the arrival of Rodgers and the first-year performance of Sauce.

13 responses to “Sauce Gardner gets a pair of Jessica Alba cleats

  1. That’s just weird. This dude talks WAY too much for my liking. Trying way too hard to be relevant. You’re a cornerback bro. You’ll never be famous Rodgers, Brady or Mahomes. It’s OK.

  2. I’m sure Ms. Alba is thrilled about it being pointed out that she’s old now. Women love that! Let’s make some cleats to honor it!

  3. Dude made the all pro team as a rookie. That’s more than any of you will accomplish in life.

  4. everybodyhatesonhere says:
    May 20, 2023 at 10:27 pm
    Dude made the all pro team as a rookie. That’s more than any of you will accomplish in life


    I like sauce, but let’s not go that far. It’s only football bro. Way more accomplishments in life are way more important.

  5. Rodgers and Gardner, two guys who never stop talking. Eventually these 2 will get sick of each other and then the fun begins.

  6. “I hope Jessica likes them, too.”

    Probably not with one shoe reminding us she was in a version of Fantastic Four…and I’m a Jessica Alba fan.

  7. Nowhere in this article does it say Sauce commented on the cleats, asked for the cleats, or did anything but have custom cleats gifted to him… but yeah, I guess he talks too much;)

    If I were as talented as him, I’d never shut up! He’s actually pretty reserved.

  8. He doesn’t know who she is.
    I don’t know why he would wear cleats with her face on them.
    He should just put them on a shelf as a conversation piece.

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