Broncos’ Justin Simmons on playing for Sean Payton: “I’m excited to win”

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Justin Simmons has been with the Broncos since they drafted him in 2016. Which means Simmons has never been to the playoffs. And he’s excited to play for a coach who can change that.

Simmons, a safety who has been a second-team All-Pro in three of the last four seasons, says new Broncos head coach Sean Payton is just the person this team needs after an enormously disappointing 2022 season.

Sean’s been great. Honestly, for him, he’s been there and done it and he’s very confident in what he can do and how he’s done it in the past,” Simmons told the Denver Post. “So when you have that type of confidence and you can tell that what you do works, people just follow that lead. There hasn’t been that much that we’ve done yet — we’re getting ready to start practice and all that good stuff — but I’m just excited for the season. I’m excited to get the ball rolling. I’m excited to win.”

Despite his confidence in his coach, Simmons said the Broncos are trying to keep things quiet this year, after a year in which high offseason expectations preceded a 5-12 season.

“All business,” Simmons said. “We’ll put what we’ve been doing in the dark, that will come out in the light during the season.”

Whether the Broncos will be a better team remains to be seen, but Simmons sounds confident they have a better head coach.

11 responses to “Broncos’ Justin Simmons on playing for Sean Payton: “I’m excited to win”

  1. I know the players are excited mainly because it probably feels like an adult is finally in the room.

  2. Having an elite coach and a talented roster is great, but if you don’t have a QB, none of it matters. Russell Wilson will simply need to play better. and if he doesn’t, Payton will bench him for Stidham.

  3. I’m interested in seeing if Sean Payton can win now that he doesn’t have future HOF QB Drew Brees.

  4. The Saints went 7-9 three straight seasons with Sean Payton as their coach . . and with Drew Brees, at the height of his career, as their quarterback. Having Payton as your coach isn’t a guarantee of winning.

  5. Yeah I’ll believe that’s an above .500 team when I see it. Even with massive overhaul, the QB is still the same and even if he’s better, that equating to double the amount of wins, without a first round pick, seems a bit excessive

  6. Payton is confident he can do what he’s done in the past. I’ve got confidence he can do the same. By the way, his overall coaching record is almost exactly the same as Mike McCarthy’s, both with hall of fame quarterbacks, but McCarthy got fired for it and Payton gets described as elite.

  7. Sean Payton bailed on the saints after Drew Brees left because they were going downhill!

  8. Not sure why Payton took a job where he has to play Herbert and Mahomes twice each season. Sounds like a bad decision to me

  9. Now that’s funny. The Unwatchable QB Wilson be gone end of this season. He’ll never listen to coaches just like he did Seahawks .

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