Happy 27th, Josh Allen

2023 NFL Draft - Round 1
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The cluster of young star quarterbacks isn’t quite so young anymore.

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes turned 27 last September. Today, Bills quarterback Josh Allen joins him in the three-years-short-of-30 club.

Allen has completed five NFL seasons. For each of the last three, he has been among the top handful of quarterbacks in the game.

But there’s reason for concern in Buffalo. The clock is ticking on Allen’s career. He’s already five years in. Before you know it, he’ll have 10 in the can — and he’ll be working on 15.

His emergence in 2020 created a sense of inevitability that the Bills would return to the Super Bowl for the first time since the 1993 season, and that perhaps they’d eventually win one.

It hasn’t happened yet. Meanwhile, Mahomes has gotten there three times. Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow, who turns 27 later this year, has been there once.

Through it all, something has been missing in Buffalo. There’s not enough high-end talent around Allen, or maybe there isn’t enough offensive creativity to supplement the amazing things Allen can do.

There was some regression last year, after former offensive coordinator Brian Daboll got the Giants job. Ken Dorsey was fine, but any team that spends the offseason and much of the regular season as the odds-on favorite to get to the Super Bowl has a high pass-fail bar. A 17-point playoff loss at home goes in the books as an F.

This year, the expectations are lower. But they’re still there. They’ll be there for as long as Allen is on the team. The close-but-no-cigar narrative is starting to take root. Until Allen and the Bills rip the plant out of the ground, those roots will spread.

Through it all, the clock ticks on Allen’s career. Twenty-seven. Twenty-eight. Twenty-nine.

Jim Kelly was 30 when the Bills made it to the Super Bowl for the first time. Still, given his USFL detour, the Bills got there in his fifth season with the team.

Allen didn’t. It’s unclear why it’s not happening. The only thing that is clear is that Josh Allen isn’t the reason for it.

24 responses to “Happy 27th, Josh Allen

  1. Josh Allen is one of the most exciting and entertaining football players to come along. Happy Birthday Josh.

  2. 27 and getting old. That’s funny. Rodger’s was highly coveted by the Jets and big things are expected and he’s 39. I think it’s fair to say his Super bowl window is closing.

  3. Lot of miles and hits to that frame so far. They need to get him to stop running so much so his abilities don’t end up fading away as he gets into his 30s.

  4. Running QB’s age quickly. What is this guy without his wheels?

    Allen was the 8th rated passer in 2022, 15th in 2021. Keep him in the pocket and he’s proven to be a middlin’ guy. Though he’s not paid like one. lol, Buffalo.

  5. Allen is going to end up like Cam Newton, I think. He’s great until all of a sudden he isn’t when getting hit that much finally catches up with you. Ask Andrew Luck about what happens when you get hit just the wrong way.

  6. Not having a Defensive Co-ordinator who lines up his DB’s 7 yards off the ball on 3rd & 4 inside their own 20 yardline will be a HUGE boost to this team,in fact, it could be the “missing piece” of the puzzle!!

  7. Josh Allen had #2 offense (both points and yards) without Brian daboll. Regression? Right.

    Daboll was a four time loser as OC until he had Josh Allen. Daboll never had an offense ranked above 20 until he had Josh Allen. 2022 was his first season in the top 20 in points and yards without JA—15th in points and 18th in yards. Yet Allen with the #2 offense is the one that struggled?

    Happy birthday Josh. Let’s take the opportunity to criticize your failures and credit coaches who never had success until they coached you.

  8. directdriver says:
    May 21, 2023 at 10:55 am
    Top 5 QBs under 30:


    Lawrence was good for half a season need to see more. Herbert is just a numbers guy to this point but has as much potential as anyone.

  9. He’s great. He might make a few silly mistakes, but he can back up his play when needed to. Also doesn’t help that the defense missed Von Miller horribly last season.

    Many more years Josh. Many more years.

  10. Gonna be interesting to see how responds after the playoff drubbing. If we are being honest, who outside of Buffalo thinks they are going to the Superbowl? Maybe thats the reason they will this year? My opinion is 2 years ago was their best chance, but ive been wrong before. Diggs attitude will be a cancer I think its obvious.

  11. I like Josh allen a lot but that boy takes a ton of big hits and he makes a few plain AWFUL decisions every game.

  12. billshistorian says:
    May 21, 2023 at 1:00 pm
    Daboll was a four time loser as OC until he had Josh Allen. Daboll never had an offense ranked above 20 until he had Josh Allen. 2022 was his first season in the top 20 in points and yards without JA—15th in points and 18th in yards. Yet Allen with the #2 offense is the one that struggled?

    Daboll started as the Bills OC in 2018, the same season as Allen’s rookie season. Prior to that Daboll was Alabama’s OC and quarterbacks coach. Exactly how was he a four time loser before being with Allen?

  13. “There was some regression last year” Allen injured his Ulnar Collateral Ligament (UCL) and had ulnar nerve involvement. Some days he went through 12 hours of treatment so that he could play the following week.If you watched, Allen was having trouble completing his intermediate throws. The team still went 13-3, losing 3 games by a total of 8 points.
    The Bills also played in some horrible weather last year which also hurt Allen’s stats.
    He should be healthy again this year with a revamped Oline to give Allen more protection and a running game that doesn’t rely so heavily on Allen’s running skills. Ken Dorsey will look like a genius.

  14. Allen is just getting started.

    Comments here are so predictable. I doubt anyone is penciling in an automatic “W” next to the Bills like the old days.

  15. His Oline was horrible last year with a #31st PFF rating. Philly was #1 and K.C. #2

  16. Josh Allen 2021: 11-6, 6.8 yards/attempt, 92.2 passer rating, 60.7 QBR
    Josh Allen 2022: 13-3, 7.6 yards/attempt, 96.6 passer rating, 71.4 QBR

    How was there regression, Mike?

    Are you really saying there’s cause for concern because he’s had 3 good seasons without winning a Super Bowl?

  17. gibson45,
    Brian daboll spent four seasons as an NFL OC with the browns, dolphins, and chiefs. His offenses ranked (pts and yards) 29 & 32, 31 & 29, 30 & 22, and 32 & 24. Nothing that indicates he’s a genius OC.

    Coach’s like Shanahan and McVay have taken Goff and Garoppolo to SB. Like I said, daboll was never successful as OC until he had a great QB.

  18. MortimerInMiami says:
    May 21, 2023 at 8:41 pm
    Tua > Allen
    Tua is one more hit away from being out of the league. He won’t have half the career Allen does. If I’m starting a franchise today. Allen is my top pick.

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