Jadeveon Clowney: It would be nice to return to Texans

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Defensive end Jadeveon Clowney wouldn’t mind going back to where he started.

The Texans made Clowney the first overall pick of the 2014 draft and he spent his first five seasons in Houston before moving on to the Seahawks, Titans, and Browns. His Browns stint ended with him on the inactive list after he was sent home from the team’s facility before their final game of the year following complaints about his role and Clowney has not signed anywhere for the 2023 season.

Clowney still lives and trains in Houston and said in an interview with Mark Berman of Fox 26 in Houston that he’s a fan of new Texans head coach DeMeco Ryans as well as the moves that the team has made this offseason. He said his agent has spoken with the team and that he would be interested in a return engagement, although there’s no indication at this point that the feeling is mutual.

“It would be nice. My family is here. Friends here. The guys I work out with can help me take care of my body a lot better being right up under them,” Clowney said.

Clowney said he feels he has “a lot” left in his tank and that he will “show up and show out” once he finds a place to play, although he added that he has no timetable in place for landing a deal in Houston or anywhere else.

31 responses to “Jadeveon Clowney: It would be nice to return to Texans

  1. He is a “good” player, not great player.
    He is still exceptional at run defense, and above average as a pass rusher.
    His injury history makes him a risk to sign as well.
    Unsure what he thinks he is worth, but his actual market value is probably a good bit less than what he thinks it is.
    DeMeco Ryans will know better than anyone here if HE wants to bring Clowney back…so I would default to his opinion.
    Don’t sign him because you think “fans will buy his jersey” or “he moves the needle”.
    Ryans is going to be building a culture there. It should be up to him.

  2. Never has a non QB been overpaid for so long.
    Team after team overpay a run stuffer based on draft status.

    He’d have made half as much had he been picked 20

  3. I’m sure that the Texans will take him if he’s willing to work for the league minimum.

  4. During his last season with the Browns he refused to play certain downs against the Ravens, and later in the season, stirred up a controversy with Myles while talking to the Plain Dealer’s reporter.

  5. I’m sure he would be a new head coaches dream. This is the same guy who sat out in college and got insurance on his body. To bad he doesn’t have a killer instinct and desire to be the best because he couldve been.

  6. I remember a few games in Houston where he actually took over a game like Watt could in his prime. Problem is there weren’t very many of them. I’d bet Ryans could get him to perform but the contract would have to be team friendly.

  7. Potential is a scary word when you’re picking number one overall. You’re always looking to hit a grand slam, when a solo shot will do the job.

  8. Clowney has never had a double digit sack year. He’s basically made $75ish million off of one hit in college.

  9. Has a player made more then clowney while doing less? I dont think so. Nice gig if you can get it.

  10. Clown Dog isn’t exactly flush with options and we’ve heard nothing on Leonard Floyd yet. Reminds me of Justin Pugh saying he’d love to return to The Giants last year.

  11. chino62885 says: May 21, 2023 at 11:35 am Definitely a top 10 draft bust all time ———– That’s not even close to true. I’m not saying Clowney has been a great player but he’s stuck around the league for 9 years so far, made 3 pro bowl teams and was a 2nd team All Pro, that doesnt put him in a category of all tien busts intop 10. There are many, MANY players drafted in the top 10 all time who don’t even make it to a 2nd contract

  12. Someone will give him a shot if he is okay with vet minimum. Maybe even a few incentives. No guarantees. That is what he is worth now.

  13. “I’m sure that the Texans will take him if he’s willing to work for the league minimum.”

    Since when was any professional sport (other than combat sports) “work”? These spoiled millionaires truly make me want to shake my head sometimes. Look, Champ, if you weren’t big as a house, and strong as a bull, you’d have never seen the inside of a college classroom. I hope you invested some of those millions wisely, Mr. CLOWNey. If not, who knows? Maybe the traditional garbage truck will suddenly, once again, need somebody like you to ride the back bumper. A truly great player, Jim Brown died less than a week ago, yet here you are, whining because nobody wants to carry your unproductive a** on their third-string roster. Good luck, Champ.

  14. Was a bad man in HS and college and mostly a JAG when he had to play with the best of the best in the NFL. JAG+ rating now.

  15. Clowney never developed into the passrusher the Texans hoped for, but he’s always been a solid run-stuffer. I could see a team like the Texans bringing him in as a 2 down linebacker to leaven their defense with veteran experience, but he’s not going to make the bank he used to and he’s not what anyone would consider a long-term solution at the position.

  16. Clowney isn’t a bust. That entire draft was terrible outside of Aaron Donald and Davonte Adams. You can’t pick a guy that’s not available.

  17. Texans aren’t going to compete this year or next. Why waste cash on a veteran when you can fill his slot with a promising young player?

  18. Hey remember that time he knocked that guys helmet off while tackling him? Wowee! Just think of all the money he’s made off of that. Wowee indeed.

  19. “Texans aren’t going to compete this year or next. Why waste cash on a veteran when you can fill his slot with a promising young player?”

    To answer that question: If you’ve got a lot of young players, you want someone who’s been in the league awhile to show them what right looks like, essentially to be a ‘coach on the field’. It’s also a relief to a head coach to know, at least at one position, there isn’t a great big question mark; he knows what that player can do and provide.

  20. The Texans are a very young team that could benefit from veteran leadership. So for these reasons I’M OUT!

  21. I would think long and hard about signing a guy who displayed such petty jealousies about stats that he refused to play.
    He had a good year for the Browns in 2021 and I supported resigning him for 2022, but he really disappointed on and off the field.
    In retrospect, he was not worth a #1 pick, but he has been a pretty good DE (when healthy), especially when paired with a game wrecker as the other DE. But above all: the rumors about his lack of sense of team proved to be true: young teams should not tolerate that, at any salary.

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