Ty Montgomery has “great chance” to be Patriots’ third-down tailback

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A shoulder injury limited veteran running back Ty Montgomery to only one game in 2022. In 2023, he could have a significant role in the New England offense.

Via Mike Reiss of ESPN.com, retired Patriots running backs coach Ivan Fears said Montgomery could be the team’s third-down tailback this season.

“I think he has a great chance to be the third-down back and take some of the load off Rhamondre [Stevenson], so [Rhamondre] can be fresh when we really need him on first and second down carrying the ball as the featured guy,” Fears said on the 6 Rings and Football Things podcast, per Reiss. “We need some help for Rhamondre, and I think Ty is looking really good right now. He’s healthy.”

Montgomery got his start in 2015, as a receiver with the Packers. The next year, he switched to running back.

He spent more than three seasons in Green Bay. He was traded to the Ravens during the 2018 season, days after an ill-fated decision to return a kickoff from the end zone, when the Packers trailed the Rams 29-27 with just over two minutes to play. He fumbled, the Rams recovered, and that was that for Montgomery in Green Bay.

He spent 2019 with the Jets and 2020 and 2021 with the Saints. He joined the Patriots last year.

The Patriots lost Damien Harris to free agency, replacing him with James Robinson. Stevenson is the No. 1 tailback.

16 responses to “Ty Montgomery has “great chance” to be Patriots’ third-down tailback

  1. Damien Lewis is an actor. Was great in Season 1 of Homeland. Unfortunately he wore out his welcome with the viewers well before he did with the writers.

    Former Patriot running back Damien Harris became a FA & signed elsewhere.

  2. They need someone to catch more than just Stevenson. Harris couldn’t do it, maybe Montgomery can. Would explain their lack kf addressing a scatback in the draft.

  3. Th is a good guy who had his career ruined in green bay because of a fumble. He was lucky to get out of green bay alive with all the death threats he was getting because of the fumble from horrible Packer fans

  4. “They need someone to catch more than just Stevenson.”

    Pierre Strong figures to take that role. Montgomery is competition as is James Robinson. Good players all.

  5. Fears is retired for a reason…
    Montgomery is healthy now…..trade him quick so you’re not paying for him to sit on the bench another year!!!

  6. Queasy is beyond PO’d that he didn’t sign Montgomery first. But Ty knows it’s better to go to a team with a rich tradition of winning championships than to a team with over six decades of ineptitude.

  7. bartlebysays says:
    May 21, 2023 at 6:16 pm
    “They need someone to catch more than just Stevenson.”

    Pierre Strong figures to take that role. Montgomery is competition as is James Robinson. Good players all.

    126Rate This


    I do like the Robinson signing. Guy was a beast as a rookie. If he’s fully back, I think he can help.

  8. Ty Montgomery has “even greater chance” to have another brain fart on the field. You can’t fix stupid!

  9. Hmm…Lets see a tough and versatile veteran that can play rb/wr and all st. He is a lock for the 3rd down rb role as a natural pass catcher and due to his pass blocking alone. They do not trust Pierre in that role who serves more as the situational rb ala Rex Burkhead/Woodhead. Robinson will get plenty of work as Mondre back up on early downs/goal line and some pass catching as well. Already seeing this in camp and would shock me if TY is not the de-facto 3rd down back. Just needs to stay healthy. I can see realistic 60 rushes and 60 catches which is actually little less then avg James White role in this offense.

  10. My recollection is Montgomery was told to take a knee on a kickoff and instead ran it out and fumbled. He was cut several days later. He will do ok if he follows the coaching of the grand hoodie.

  11. jrock955 says:
    May 21, 2023 at 5:38 pm

    That team is AWFUL!


    Awfully underrated

  12. Can’t believe we didn’t sign him in Minnesota. That Packer pedigree is terribly important to our Vikes.

  13. Fair or not some player’s careers are defined by one play, good or bad. I don’t think Montgomery’s reputation should be so defined. I hope he becomes one on a line of Pat’s great third down backs like Kevin Faulk, Danny Woodhead and James White.

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