Boomer Esiason, Lemar Parrish among former Bengals up for election to Ring of Honor

Cincinnati Bengals V Philadelphia Eagles
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The Bengals inaugurated their Ring of Honor in 2021 and they are going to add two new members to it after a vote by season ticket holders and suite owners this year.

The team announced the 13 former players who will be up for election this year. The group is made up of kicker Jim Breech, running back James Brooks, wide receiver Cris Collinsworth, running back Corey Dillon, quarterback Boomer Esiason, safety David Fulcher, wide receiver Chad Johnson, defensive tackle Tim Krumrie, offensive lineman Dave Lapham, guard Max Montoya, defensive back Lemar Parrish, tight end Bob Trumpy, and linebacker Reggie Williams.

Voting will take place through June 9 and the two former Bengals with the most votes will become the seventh and eighth additions to the group.

Ken Anderson, Paul Brown, Anthony Muñoz, and Ken Riley were the first additions to the Ring of Honor. Willie Anderson and Isaac Curtis were elected to join them in 2022.

16 responses to “Boomer Esiason, Lemar Parrish among former Bengals up for election to Ring of Honor

  1. Election?

    A franchise Mt Rushmore shouldn’t work that way.

  2. Its easily Parrish and Dillon. For fans that never saw Parrish play, he was their Deion Sanders, who could take an interception, fumble, punt or kick-off, all the way at any time. He should be in the HOF …

  3. Please not Cris Collinsworth. We hear enough about his own accolades during broadcasts. Dude thinks he’s a HOF’er in his own mind.

  4. Boomer probably won’t go in until after they’ve won a super bowl because of how he criticizes the team prior to joe b.

  5. Parish had a contract dispute back in ’77 and some things never change in Cincy.

  6. Reggie Williams and Bob Trumpy as booth guys are big-time winners on and off the field and excellent ambassadors for the Bengals. These guys might not ever make it to Canton but they deserve to be remembered by future Bengals fans, so why wait to give them their flowers?

  7. I was a redskins fan growing up but James Brooks was one of my favorite players who didn’t wear the burgundy and gold. He was a beast!

  8. All great players! Reggie Williams and Krumrie got my vote(s) this time…Who Dey!!!

  9. Bad luck and bad timing prevented Boomer Esiason from winning the SB against the 9ers. The favored Bengals were the best team in the NFL that season with Boomer’s long bombs, thrown in almost any time and field position were destroying good pass defenses, and RB Ickey Woods bulling his way up the middle. The Niners, fighting injuries and inexperienced new players, were just able to reach the SB. Lady luck stepped in and it was the Bengals that got hit with the injury bug at the end. Ickey Woods had a mild groin pull and wasn’t quite the same. DL Rob Crumrie, who was one of the best defensive players in the NFL, leading the league in sacks, broke his leg on the open series of the SB. But the worst was Boomer hurting his shoulder during the first playoff game. SF’s DC noticed that he stopped throwing his signature long bombs during the rest of the playoffs and planned accordingly. To his credit, Boomer never even mentioned it much less use it as an excuse afterwards or since. It was not until he needed extensive off season surgery that it became known how bad it was.

  10. Boomer Esiason would of won his SB against SF but for bad luck and injuries. The Bengals were the best team in football that year and were favored. Boomer was the league MVP destroying good pass defenses with his long bombs thrown at any time and field position. RB Ickey Woods led the league in rushing, a big guy with unnatural speed, bulling his way up the middle. The fine Bengals D was led by DL Ron Crumrie, one of the best defenders in the league, led the NFL in sacks. The Niners were plagued by injuries and inexperienced new players most of the season and just made it to the playoffs. But Lady Luck stepped in and the Bengals suffered a series of injuries. Ickey Woods had a mild groin pull that slowed him down a little. Their sack monster Crumrie broke his leg during the first series of the SB. But it was an injury to Boomer’s shoulder during the first game of the playoffs that sank them. The Niners DC noticed that Esiason stopped throwing his signature long bombs and planned accordingly. To his credit, Boomer never even mentions it to this day, much less use it as an excuse. It wasn’t until he had to have extensive off season surgery that most people realized how bad it had been. Even so, the 49ers had to rely on a late 4th quarter Joe Montans come from behind TD drive to beat the Bengals.

  11. I would love to see Krumie inducted. He was a true warrior if there ever was one. He was the heart and soul of the defense that went to the Super Bowl. If he hadn’t broken his leg at the beginning of the game, the Bengals would have won. My second vote would go for Boomer. Boomer and Sam Wyche revolutionized offense in the NFL, and Boomer’s work with cystic fibrosis has helped countless people.

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