Frank Reich: Bryce Young’s command was “10 out of 10” on first day of OTAs

Carolina Panthers Rookie Minicamp
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OTAs have gotten going on Monday with No. 1 pick Bryce Young taking the majority of first-team snaps at the Panthers’ first spring practice.

Head coach Frank Reich was complimentary of all three quarterbacks on the roster in his post-practice press conference, saying Young, Andy Dalton, and Matt Corral displayed strong decision-making and ball placement. But the story with the club’s QBs is going to be how quickly Young adapts to the pro game as the club gets this year’s top draftee ready to play.

When asked specifically about Young on Monday, Reich called the young QB’s command “10 out of 10.”

“Just complete command, control, poise,” Reich said. “You could tell the way he was seeing it, the way he was working through progressions, accuracy in the throw, ball placement of the throw, it was all very good.”

Reich also noted that he feels like it’s a good thing to have a veteran like Dalton on the roster, too.

“It’s really good for Bryce to kind of see Andy handle things the way he’s handled things,” Reich said. “And, obviously, Bryce has picked it up extremely fast. But it feels like we’ve got a good plan and we’re doing the right thing.”

While there aren’t any contact practices in the spring, the Panthers still plan to have Young get his reps with the first-team offensive line, Reich said. The club is especially cognizant of who’s playing center when Young is in.

There’s a long way to go between now and Week One, but so far Young has checked every box when it comes to potentially being a Day One starter.

22 responses to “Frank Reich: Bryce Young’s command was “10 out of 10” on first day of OTAs

  1. In the history of NFL rookie QBs has a coach ever said “Geez my rookie QB sure lacked command of the huddle”?

  2. They should just have a stock speech written up, and every team should be required to deliver it to the press on a regular basis. Just fill in the names and spew it out.

  3. Attention Pro Football Hall of Fame, start building the Bryce Young wing of the building today.

  4. If he is a 10/10 already, it’s all down here from here for him and the Panthers.

  5. “While there aren’t any contact practices in the spring…”

    Yeah, and I’m Bjorn Borg on the tennis court in the spring before they put up the net.

  6. Well to be honest the kid was crap & we’ve got a hell of a long way to go before he’s gonna be ready. As such were reviewing our scouts position within our organisation… No team has ever said & never will.

  7. What happened to all the people who said “Reich doesn’t like small QBs, he’s only ever had tall QBs?” Are they still alive?

  8. Yea and I beat up the stationary wooden dummy during my martial arts training session!

  9. Frank is good at recognizing starting talent from the backup position both as a player and as a head coach.

  10. The 3 best QB’s all-time from Bama: Namath, Stabler, and now Hurts. Sorry Tua.

  11. Just wait until he lines up against those 300 pound defensive ends.
    Talent can only overcome so much. His size or lack of it will ultimately hinder his career.

  12. magicsquirreltoothpaste says:
    May 22, 2023 at 12:03 pm
    What happened to all the people who said “Reich doesn’t like small QBs, he’s only ever had tall QBs?” Are they still alive?
    Reich is a ‘yes’ man.
    I guarantee that wasn’t his decision.

  13. usmutts3 says:
    May 22, 2023 at 12:52 pm
    This is especially impressive given how stout air’s pass defense can be.

    That is funny. No one else even try to top that one. Made me laugh.

  14. I hate this kind of thing because it’s OK to talk up your rookie QB, but how about managing expectations for the fans and media? After one day he’s 10/10? OK, so he’s the franchise savior then, right? So the Panthers should have a great year and make it to the playoffs?

    This kind of thing is just stupid. Take pressure off the kid, don’t make it worse.

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