Jerry Jones anticipates Josh Harris deal for Commanders “being done”

Washington Commanders v Kansas City Chiefs
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It would be easy if Josh Harris could just write a check for the Commanders. He can’t. Few can.

So he needs to put together a deal to get the team. The fact that so many want to move on from Dan Snyder will help Harris and his group get the blessing of at least 24 NFL owners.

“I would anticipate it being done,” Cowboys owner Jerry Jones told reporters on Monday from the spring meetings in Minneapolis, via Jori Epstein of Yahoo Sports.

“These are outstandingly qualified owners,” Jones said of the Harris group. “That always rules the day on getting it ruled and cleared with the NFL.”

Harris needed to put together a large number of minority partners to make it happen. The deal also has debt issues that have raised some red flags. Jones was asked if he’s concerned about that.

“Not if it’s structured — if it’s structured right, which it will be,” Jones said. “And it’s too important to have the right structure for them coming in, because they’ll benefit from the way it’s been structured for everybody else in the past that have come in. And so structure is important.”

Ultimately, it’s important to move on from Snyder. So they’ll work with the structure if it means Snyder will be eliminated from the infrastructure of the NFL.

4 responses to “Jerry Jones anticipates Josh Harris deal for Commanders “being done”

  1. didn’t know dr jones was also the spokesperson for the redskins/wft/commanders. quite a resume.

  2. Thanks god Elon hasn’t overpaid for an NFL team like he did for Twitter.

  3. Is there any subject Jerry Jones doesn’t love to hear himself speak about? Pretty sure if asked to appear at a 3rd grader’s show amd tell Jerry would attend and look for a microphone.

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