Lamar Jackson did not attend first OTA practice, but is expected to participate this week

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The Ravens got their spring practices underway on Monday but a key member of the team was not on the field for the voluntary workout.

According to multiple reports, quarterback Lamar Jackson did not attend the first of Baltimore’s 10 OTA practices. But Baltimore is expecting Jackson to be there for practices this week.

Of course, all of Baltimore’s spring practices are voluntary until the team’s mandatory minicamp next month. But the Ravens are implementing a new offensive scheme under coordinator Todd Monken.

Earlier this month, Monken told reporters that Jackson is working hard and will get up to speed on the offense once he’s in the building.

Jackson recently signed a five-year deal worth $260 million with $185 guaranteed, making him the league’s highest-paid player.

24 responses to “Lamar Jackson did not attend first OTA practice, but is expected to participate this week

  1. Not a good look. You have to be there. If for not other reason, do it for looks. Toss the football during the portion that the press is available. Do something.

  2. Signs a new contract, and THEN doesn’t show up to OTA’s! Not a good look for a guy who says he is about winning. It’s not like he needs to learn a new offense or anything. Oh wait…. What a tool!

  3. Why would he bother it’s not like it’s the playoffs or anything. I mean if it were the playoffs I’m sure Lamar would be there right? 🙄🙄

  4. Baltimore got played, you’ll be lucky to see him play more than 10 games this year.
    Should have dumped him.

  5. I just don’t get it. New players, receivers on the team and the new quarter billion-dollar QB is a no show. After he said he is 100% healthy. I know its voluntary, but how much rest you need bro? Where is that motivation?

  6. His agent said its okay you just got paid what are they going to do fire you?? LOL vets day off nothing to see here.

  7. Yes why would the league’s highest paid player be expected to show up to a voluntary session when he doesn’t even show up to the mandatory games at the end of the year?

  8. guitarkevin says:
    May 22, 2023 at 3:39 pm
    The sky is falling. The sky is falling. LOL
    Exactly. A week from now, no one will remember this. Such drama over nothing.

  9. Voluntary or not, the optics of this is just awful. Maybe not as bad as ghosting your teams playoff game but still….WTF!!
    You can’t be a leader from the rear.

  10. It’s a really bad look AND will hurt the team. He’s supposed to be the leader of the offense and during OTAs they work on learning the new offense as well as getting in sync with his receivers and O line.
    Not showing up is not a sign of maturity and if Lamar wants to be a franchise QB, he needs to start acting like it.
    Look at the other franchise QBs, were they at the first day of OTAs ?
    Hint almost all of them were.

  11. Seems like if you’re gonna make a guy the highest paid player in the league it wouldn’t be asking too much to put part of the salary dependent on showing up to OTAs. Especially Day 1.

  12. Misses 5 weeks of voluntary workouts and a week of OTAs after talking about getting respect. Ravens couldn’t have made a worse decision. Respect is earned not given. Good luck, Harbaugh…you guys should have gotten the message last year when he quit on the team.

  13. Lamar is too busy counting up all his playoff wins to be bothered with other football stuff.

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