Matt Corral: I don’t want to be traded

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On the night that the Panthers drafted quarterback Bryce Young first overall, 2022 third-round pick Matt Corral made a post on social media that said you’re in the “wrong place” if you’re “not appreciated” before closing with “don’t stay in a place where no one sees your value.”

The timing suggested that Corral would prefer to continue his NFL career somewhere other than Carolina, but Corral said on Monday that is not the case. He told reporters that, despite the timing, the post had nothing to do with football and that he has no desire to be traded to another team.

“I want to play for coach [Frank] Reich,” Corral said, via Darin Gantt of the team’s website.

Reich said earlier in the day that the team cut Jacob Eason in order to get Corral more reps during OTAs and complimented the quarterback’s approach to his current situation. He also said that Corral has to “play the long game” when it comes to approaching his chance to play in the NFL and it looks like it will be a very long one unless something goes very wrong with Young’s transition to the professional ranks.

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  1. Smart move on his part, Young & Corral have a similar fast release/QB point guard skillset. They can grow together under Reich. Logistically, I can’t think of much better situation for his development

  2. It amazes me that EVERY year the media forgets about all the QBs that were drafted the previous year, beyond the first round. Those QBs are meant to be developed into starters over time or will be backups. The one QB from the 2022 NFL Draft that the media refused to forget about was Malik Willis, we all know why that is. Corral should keep working and be patient, Young will be a bust, so an opportunity will be there for Corral.

  3. The most important thing right now for Corral is to collect a second full season of NFL salary.

    Don’t rock that boat kid.

  4. Sounds like someone who knows himself and his limitations. A mark of maturity. I hope he has a long and successful career as a backup.

  5. Backup QB is a thankless job. And the best backup QBs focus on helping the team every way they can until they get their chance to be a starter. Then, they help the team even more by showing how well they know every player’s strengths.

  6. I respect that but he has a chance to beat out Howell in Washington. I’m just saying

  7. Look at Kirk Cousins v. RG3.

    If you have the goods somewhat and persist, you will get a chance.

    Injury rate in the NFL is 100%.

  8. ogre4nerds says:
    “Backup QB is a thankless job”. I think they give thanks every payday vs. other jobs they could have.

  9. As a Vikings fan, I would not be upset if the Vikings pulled a trade to send Delvin Cook to the Panthers (to join ex-Viking teammate, Theilen) for Matt Corral. The Vikes could even throw in one of those 5th round picks we got from Cleveland recently. The Vikings certainly need to start thinking of life beyond Kirk Cousins. Corral would at least provide another option to evaluate for that future life. And for Carolina; a Cook/Sanders tandem would look pretty good for taking pressure off of their new QB.

  10. Corral was the best QB in training camp last year before he got hurt. If Carolina is lucky enough to keep both of these young men they will be set for years to come.

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