Saints and Commanders flipped from “no” to “yes,” delivering Thursday night flexing

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At the end of the day, the Saints and Commanders made the difference.

Along with the Panthers and the Broncos.

With New Orleans and Washington flipping from “no” to “yes” and with Carolina and Denver moving from “abstain” to “yes,” the league office get the 24 “yes” votes it needed to activate late-season Thursday night flexing.

It’s unclear at this point why New Orleans and Commanders changed their positions from “no” to “yes.” That’s a more significant move than a shift from abstention.

If any of those four teams had voted anything other than yes, the proposal would have failed. It’s possible there’s an interesting story or two to tell as to why the Commanders and Saints changed their positions. (And it’s probably we’re currently trying to find out what it is.)

Regardless, the league needed 24 votes — and it got 24 exactly. Often in cases like this, another vote will be taken to allow the impression to be created that everyone was on the same page. In this case, the takeaway is clear.

A full 25 percent of the league believes late-season Thursday night flexing is the wrong move. In other words, this ain’t over.

39 responses to “Saints and Commanders flipped from “no” to “yes,” delivering Thursday night flexing

  1. It’s more money in the owner’s pockets. When that happens, team values go up. Some of these guys might be thinking about cashing out soon. Dan Snyder didn’t do too badly on his NFL investment.

  2. So who cast the vote for the commanders? Because that would be a real middle finger to the fans, like you said, on his way out the door

  3. Goodell probably told the Commanders he wouldn’t punish them for tampering with Andrew Luck and told the Saints he’d give them another Super Bowl* in the future like he did in 2009.

  4. Like this ever wasn’t going to happen. Jeff Bezos told Goodell to get it done and he did whatever it took.

  5. Heck it’s a good move! Flex thursday games… who’s gonna bother to watch crappy match up games… it only inconveniences less than .0001% of NFL fans & those fans at that point probably wish they had never plan to go in the first place that point.

  6. In exchange for looking the other way on future tampering & salary cap violations.

  7. Who the heck voted for the Commanders. They’re in between owners! Foul!!!

  8. Cannot wait to see the backlash and outrage from the fans the first time they decide to pull this.

  9. No suprise that any of these loser franchises folded but disappointing that more of the old line owners were not willing to stand up for the fans.

  10. So, the season ticket holder has tickets for TNF and it’s flexed to Sunday. He made plans for that Sunday based on the schedule so does he get his money refunded? Yeah, just joking…

  11. All 32 were for it but they knew 8 could save face with their fan bases.

  12. Its as this…

    If the NFL wants to flip these games…

    They better be prepared to pay the ticket holders of these original games TRIPLE or more money back.

    This is BS

  13. I assume it’s just like with politicians. Promises (bribes) were made and taken.

  14. So Dan Snyder, the embattled and disgraceful owner who is walking out the door is the one that caused this stupid and unnecessary headache that virtually no one is asking for? Brilliant.

  15. Change will only happen if people make sacrifices in order to accomplish it. Don’t like Thursday night flexing? Stop watching Thursday night games and stop attending them as well. Empty stadiums and dismal television ratings will get the league’s attention. Who wants to quit football? Certainly not I, but without sacrifice the fan has no power.

  16. Fedex field is regularly full of opposing team’s fans. Flexing to Thursday seems like a shrewd way to keep them out of the stadium for potentially important game.

    I wish I were joking.

  17. Who is even casting votes for the commanders right now?

    Shouldn’t important and close votes like this have to wait until we have a stable set of owners, at least for the next year?

    Seems the nfl has its order of operations screwed up.

  18. I don’t like it, but can understand the Saints yoting yes as they got saddled with two Thurdsay nighters and will hopefully get out of one of them.

  19. Are they saying your schedule could have you play on a Sunday, think you are playing the next Sunday and then flex it up a few days to Thursday?

    They treat players like robots.

  20. Shocking that a team owned by the people who pay Walmart employees poverty wages and then capitalize when those employees use their government assistance program dollars at Walmart would vote to put their players at greater risk for injury and their fans at greater risk for getting screwed on travel plans. And the team owned by that hedge fund guy with the tendency to screw contractors and municipalities? Yeah. Humanity abounds.

  21. Well I would assume it was to not get hoses on calls in games.

    The saints are called exceptionally tight. We all know you get in line or pay.

  22. Guessing the Commanders flipped to make sure the sale gets approved with any issues “smoothed over” by Goodell. Saints probably flipped to make sure they stay in the Super Bowl host rotation.

    Broncos may have flipped to get the draft after Green Bay. Not sure why Panthers flipped.

  23. There should be full transparency on this vote. The fans should know what franchises are doing this to them.

  24. Who voted for Washington? Is this Snyder’s last act screwing his fans? Well, I guess it won’t matter for Washington regardless.

  25. To be fair, if you buy Thursday night tickets now then you know this is possible from now on

    NFL is Only a television product as far as I’m concerned, and has been for some time, just another piece of evidence to prove it

  26. The Commanders were represented at the vote by Lan Lyder, who looked suspiciously like Roger Goddell with glasses, mustache and beard…

  27. No reason for fans travelling away to see their team if it’s on Thursday. Doesn’t matter if they give you a months notice, you’ve already bought tickets, booked airfare and a hotel. Most people cannot just make these changes on a whim.

  28. To be fair, if you buy Thursday night tickets now then you know this is possible from now on

    It isn’t fair. 4 nights in your hotel. 2 more days of a rental car.

    Cheaper and more advantageous to take an ACTUAL vacation.

  29. This is great for us who don’t actually go to the games , better Thursday night game for us , I’m ok with it 😀

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