Allen Lazard’s brief exit from practice traces to a shot to “the gonads”

New York Jets Offseason Workout
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Pro football players notoriously do not wear cups. Sometimes, they wish they did.

Jets receiver Allen Lazard made a brief exit from practice on Tuesday, walking off with trainers. He later returned.

On Twitter, Lazard provided an update. He said that he practiced for the balance of the day at 100 percent. He also disclosed his injury.

Just got hit in the gonads,” he said.

Usually, it’s a temporary condition that involves intense pain. The pain typically arrives roughly 10 seconds later, in an area separate from the location of the impact.

14 responses to “Allen Lazard’s brief exit from practice traces to a shot to “the gonads”

  1. A cup is a pad.and practice without pads means practice WITHOUT PADS!!

  2. Packers fans are not interests in Lazards junk.

    Kindly unlink these stories from the Packers section.

  3. Next Players meeting regarding Collective Bargaining Agreement…..

    Moderator: Any one have any other suggestions?

    Allen Lazard: YES! We should eliminate this “No pads” OTA at all costs!!!

  4. goodellthegrifter says:
    May 23, 2023 at 5:59 pm
    The Jets are just a laughingstock.
    They are a better team than the Patriots. You have a lame duck coach and a 3rd string quarterback masquerading as a starter. Cellar dwellers for certain.

  5. Who among us has not taken one in the ‘nads at some point? We are the same, he and us.

  6. Lazard will get the biggest shot to the ‘nads when the Jets fail to make the playoffs.

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